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BIDS Reference Number 104
Document Type: Presolicitation
Professional, Administrative, And Management Support Services

Department of Veterans Affairs, 263 Network Contracting Office 23 (NCO 23), Department of Veterans Affairs Black Hills Health Care System, 57741

R -- American Sign Language Interpretation Services FARGO VAMC, Fargo, North Dakota SOL 36C26319Q0180 DUE 122818David A. Raaddavid.raad@va.gov4Statement of WorkAmerican Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Services1.0 BACKGROUNDThis contract is for the provision of American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Fargo VA Health Care System (Fargo VA HCS), 2101 N Elm Street, Fargo, North Dakota. Interpreter will performunder this agreement, as an independent contractor, and nothing contained herein must in any way be construed to imply that Interpreter is an agent, employee, partner, or joint venture of the Fargo Veterans Health Care System.

Interpreter is responsible for reviewing and complying with all pertinent Stateand federal laws including, but not limited to, state and local taxes, the FairLabor Standards Act, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title II of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and all other applicable state and federalemployment laws. Interpreter is responsible for reviewing and complying with all pertinent county and city ordinances.

2.0 SCOPEInterpreter Services will include interpretation for a Fargo VA HCS, hearing impaired employee in the work place in a classroom training environment or designated work space setting.

Activities may include, but are not limited to intercepts, voiceovers, and signlanguage and other settings where a member or employee may require the servicesof an interpreter for the hearing impaired. Interpreter must be able to interpret/transliterate fluently and understand the continuum of sign communication. Interpreter will furnish sign language and other communication services between people who are deaf or hard of hearing and people who hear to interpret and translate in a work or training environment in an office setting or classroom trainingenvironment. Interpreters must provide, a minimum, interpreting services in American Sign Language (ASL) format.

The interpreter shall provide interpreting services from English into American Sign Language format and be prepared to provide interpreting services in any or all the following modes: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and sight translation as needed. The main responsibility will be to translatethe spoken work into sign language.

Interpreter services may range from simple to complex and be sensitive. The interpreter shall be able to work in a high-pressure, fast paced environment and stay within the role of interpreter. In the performance of services under this contract, the contract interpreter shall adhere to the provisions of this contract.The contract interpreter must be able to perform with general office equipment (i.e. computers and computer monitors, video screens and equipment, etc.) and provide interpreting services via computer microphone or telephone conversations.

2.1 REQUIRED HOURS OF SERVICE AND SCHEDULINGRoutine/regularly scheduled Interpreter services are required at the Fargo VA HCS for a number of meetings. They are as follows: Engineering All Hands Monthly Meeting: scheduled for the last Wednesday of the month from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. Usually in room BD-90 Engineering Break Room. Total estimated time of service required for a year is 12 hours. Construction Safety Committee: scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month from 9 AM to 10 AM. Usually in BD-42 Engineering conference room. Total estimated time of service required for a year is 12 hours.The Facility also will require the contractor to provide services for other types of meetings the employee may attend such Employee/Town Hall meetings. These meetings are four times per year (or once per 3-month quarter) and are usually in the months of December, March, June and September. The date varies. Usually in the 3E-15 auditorium. These town hall meetings usually last approximately 2 hours in length. Total estimated time of service required for a year is 8 hours.

Due to potential training or meetings, it is required that interpreters be available for approximately 100 hours of additional interpreter time at the Fargo VAlocation: these hours should be flexible. For these non-routine hours, the contractor will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the need for an interpreter. It is expected that the contractor can provide the required services if notified within the specified time.

For any service, scheduled or rescheduled, the Government may cancel services no less than 48 business hours in advance Monday through Friday, with no penalty or charges assessed. Contractor will be notified by email and/or phone call of cancellation of service with a 48-hour notice. If the Contractor is not notifiedof a cancellation 48 hour prior to the scheduled assignment, the Contractor mayinvoice for the number of hours scheduled for the assignment. In case of a rescheduled event, the Fargo VA HCS will provide 48 hours notice of the change in schedule. The reschedule will not be before the regular scheduled date/time unless 48 hours in advance can be provided for the earlier than date/time.Contractor employee interpreter shall not be paid for any Federal Holiday. Federal holidays generally observed by Government hearing impaired government employee include the following Observed Federal Holidays:

New Year s Day; Martin Luther King Day; Presidents Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day

In the event an Executive Order issued by the President of the United States declares Agencies of the Federal Government closed for a regularly scheduled workday, the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) will determine and advise theContractor on whether services are required for that day.

3.0 QUALIFIED PERSONNELThe contract interpreter must have and maintain minimum federal and state interpreter requirements and other requirements as stated in this statement of work.

SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER (KEY PERSONNEL)The Contractor shall provide qualified personnel to perform the requirements specified in this Statement of Work. Description of Work: The ASL interpreter shall provide support and assistance in sign language interpretation services. The ASL interpreter shall possess all the demonstrated knowledge requirements delineated below.

3.2 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR A SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER (EXPERIENCE)The minimum requirements required are:Possess strong listening, research, memory, and sign language skills.Ability to sign in many different situations, including but not limited to meetings, small groups, large groups, and one-on-one.Ability to perform in a challenging, creative, and formal working environment.Ability to sign in a work training environment that involves a variety of technical terms and acronyms specific to this government agency.Excellent customer service skills. Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships.

3.3 MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENTSThe Contractor shall provide sign language interpretation services for the Fargo VA HCS in accordance with the requirements listed herein. Additional requiredknowledge and skills: In addition to the experience and educational requirements described above, the SLI shall clearly possess the following knowledge and skills:Ability to voice to sign.Ability to sign to voice.Developed interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to interact with members from a variety of backgrounds.Ability to thrive in a challenging, creative and informal working environment.Ability to work within a changing schedule if the need arises.Excellent customer service skills.Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

4.0 PLACE OF PERFORMANCEThe physical address where services are to be performed at the Fargo VA HCS is:Department of Veterans Affairs, 2101 North Elm Street, Fargo North Dakota 58102.

5.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCEThe base period of performance is estimated to start approximately Feb 1, 2019 with four potential option years.

6.0 GENERAL VA SECURITY AND SYSTEM INFORMATION TRAININGAll Contractor and subcontractor personnel requiring access to VA information and VA information systems shall complete the following before being granted access to VA information and networks:1. Sign and acknowledge understanding of and responsibilities for compliance with the National Rules of Behavior related to access to VA information and information systems, and Contractor Rules of Behavior (supplement),2. Successfully complete VA Cybersecurity Awareness training and annual refresher training as required,3. Successfully complete VA General Privacy training and annual refresher training as required, and4. Successfully complete any additional cybersecurity or privacy training as required for VA personnel with equivalent information system access.

The Contractor shall provide to the COR a copy of the training certificates andsigned Rules of Behavior for each applicable employee within one week of the initiation of the contract and annually thereafter, as required. These online courses will need to be taken through the VBA s online Talent Management System (TMS) at: https://www.tms.va.gov/learning/user/login.jsp. To self-enroll, click the Create New User button on the red bar and complete the assigned training. The COR will provide the contractor with the appropriate information to complete self-enrollment. Technical issues with TMS should be directed to the TMS help desk at vatmshelp@va.gov or 1-888-496-0463.Failure to complete this mandatory training within the timeframe required will be grounds for suspension or termination of all physical and/or electronic access privileges and removal from work on the contract until the training is completed.

7.0 BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONThe contract employee level of background investigation and clearance required for this effort is National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI). Work may not commence until the appropriate background investigation has commenced.CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITIESThe VA shall bear the expense of obtaining background investigations.Immediately after contract or task order award, the Contractor must submit a completed Attachment C form (VA Contractor Background Investigation Request Worksheet) for all contract employees working the contract, who have access to VA facilities, VA systems, or privacy data, to the COR.The Contractor and Contractor point of contact (POC) will receive an email notification from the Security Investigation Center (SIC) identifying the website link that includes detailed instructions regarding completion of the background clearance application process and what level of background was requested. Reminder notifications will be sent if the complete package is not submitted by the duedate.The Contractor shall prescreen all personnel who require access to VA site(s) and/or access to VA LAN systems to ensure they maintain a U.S. citizenship or Alien Registration that authorizes them to work in the U.S. and are able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.Contractors who have current favorable background investigation conducted by OPM or Defense Security Service (DSS) may be accepted through reciprocation. However, it does not preclude the Contractor from submitting a completed Attachment Cform immediately after contract or task order award for all contract employees working the contract to the COR.Contract performance shall not commence before SIC confirmation that it received the investigative documents, that they are complete, and that the background investigation has begun. Once the Contractor s background investigation has been initiated, contract performance may commence. The COR will notify and forward the Contractor a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility (form 4236) to the Contractor when the investigation has been favorably completed and adjudicated. The Contractor, if notified of an unfavorable adjudication by the Government, shall withdraw the employee from consideration from working under the contract. Failure to comply with the Contractor personnel security requirements may result in termination of the contract for default.If the security clearance investigation is not completed prior to the start date of the contract, the contract employee may work on the contract with an initiated status while the security clearance is being processed. However, the Contractor will be responsible for the actions of those contract and subcontract employees they provide to perform work for VA. In the event damage arises from work performed by Contractor personnel, under the auspices of the contract, the Contractor will be responsible for resources necessary to remedy the incident.Should the Contractor use a vendor other than OPM or DSS to conduct investigations, the investigative company must be certified by OPM/DSS to conduct Contractor investigations. The Vendor Cage Code number must be provided to the VA SIC, which will verify the information and conclude whether access to the Government s site(s) and/or VA LAN systems can be.The investigative history for Contractor personnel working under this contract must be maintained in the databases of either OPM or the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Organization (DISCO).

CONFIDENTIALITY AND NONDISCLOSURE It is agreed that:The preliminary and final deliverables and all associated working papers, application source code, and other material deemed relevant by the VA which have beengenerated by the contractor in the performance of this contract are the exclusive property of the U.S. Government, and shall be submitted to the COR after the contract.The CO will be the sole authorized official to release verbally or in writing, any data, the draft deliverables, the final deliverables, or any other written or printed materials pertaining to this contract. No information shall be released by the contractor. Any request for information relating to this contract presented to the contractor shall be submitted to the CO for response.Press releases, marketing material or any other printed or electronic documentation related to this project, shall not be publicized without the written approval of the CO.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/VA/VABHHCS568/VABHHCS568/36C26319Q0180/listing.html

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