FBO Notice Date 05/24/18
BIDS Reference Number 1089
Document Type: Award Notice
Construction, Mining, Excavating & Highway Maintenance Equipment

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command, 434th Operational Contracting Office, 46971-5320

38 -- Paving Projects SOL FA4564-18-R-0001PRESOL POC Michelle R. Long, Phone 7656882826, Email michelle.long.3@us.af.mil - Cynthia L. Stephen, Contracting Officer, Phone 7656882802, Fax 7656882803, Email cynthia.stephen@us.af.mil AWARD NUMBER: FA4654-18-C-0004Paving AMOUNT: $3,237,437.02 AWARD DATE: 052318CLINs 0001-0004Midnight Sun Global Services, LLC, 1001 S. Main StreetSouth Bend, IN 46601 US

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USAF/AFRC/434OCO/FA4564-18-R-0001/listing.html