FBO Notice Date 05/24/18
BIDS Reference Number 1105
Document Type: Award Notice
Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

Department of Veterans Affairs, West Palm Beach VAMC, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 33410-6400

65 -- CLC and MICU BCMA Cart Replacement SOL 36C24818Q0744COMBINE POC Deborah Murphy

AWARD NUMBER: 36C24818P1226 AMOUNT: $412,306.50 AWARD DATE: 0524185Dale M. Brunson, Contract Specialist, Phone 3013941200, Email dale.m.brunson.civ@mail.milFAR 6.302-1 AWARD NUMBER: W911QX-18-P-0136 AWARD DATE: 052418Please see attached document. (Redacted J&A)

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/a38138e87e3f2415d4f8a9687469f130