FBO Notice Date 02/15/18
BIDS Reference Number 1148
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Southwest Supply and Acquisition Center, 76102

65 -- RFQ for Spectralis Tracking OCT System SOL 47QSWB-18-Q-0302 DUE 022318 POC Richard Alan Craig, Phone 817-850-8238, Email alan.craig@gsa.govThis action is for the sole source purchase of Spectralis Tracking OCT System, Heidelberg Engineering P/N 0226-OCT-MC. Please see JOTFOC for details.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/2c18646ba233cd326a8c5afa2e21dea1