FBO Notice Date 05/24/18
BIDS Reference Number 1151
Document Type: Award Notice
Maintenance, Repair, And Alteration Of Real Property

Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Eastern Business Service Center

Z -- VFD Replacement SOL 1232SC18P0245 POC Mark O Volk, Phone 309-681-6618, Fax 309-681-6683, Email mark.volk@ars.usda.gov - Kristen Turner, Contracting Officer, Phone 3096816624, Email kristen.turner@ars.usda.gov AWARD NUMBER: 1232SC18P0245 AMOUNT: $65,500.00 AWARD DATE: 052418Carrier Corporation, PO Box 109615, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 USCITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/894698fb63882d5b9b0c962b1585a3e4