FBO Notice Date 05/24/18
BIDS Reference Number 1188
Document Type: Special Notice
Research & Development

Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research, Naval Research Laboratory/STENNIS, 39529-5004

A -- Life Testing: Advanced Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Services SOL N00173-18-Q-6205 POC Eric J Sogard, Contracting Specialist, Phone 228-688-5980, Email eric.sogard@nrlssc.navy.milThe Naval Research Laboratory intends to negotiate with one source in accordance with the authority of FAR 13.5 (DEVIATION 2018-O0013) and 41 U.S.C. 1901. The Naval Research Laboratory intends to award a SOLE SOURCE Bridge Contract to The KeyW Corporation, 7740 Milestone, MD 21067 (Formerly SOTERA Defense Solutions, Inc.) This is a continuing baseline requirement for specific RDT&E services at the Naval Research Laboratory, Advanced Space Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) Branch to avert a break in service until a competitive follow-on procurement is completed. The period of performance shall be a 1-month base period with four 1-month option periods. The KeyW Corporation is the only contractor with thecurrent staff that possesses the specific knowledge and experience to assure continuity of services to sustain the minimum level of performance to assure no loss to the Government's capability without extensive turnover, transition time and adverse effect to NRL's Advanced Space PN&T programs. The NRL intends to negotiate with only one source; no other supplies or services will satisfy the immediate requirement. Therefore, proposals will not be accepted directly to this requirement. This award will be made without further notice.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/ONR/Code3235/N00173-18-Q-6205/listing.html