FBO Notice Date 11/16/17
BIDS Reference Number 151
Document Type: Presolicitation
Transportation, Travel, & Relocation Services

Department of the Navy, Military Sealift Command, MSC Norfolk (N32205), 23511

V -- UUV San Diego SOL N32205-18-R-3401 POC Michelle D. James, Phone 7574433870, Email michelle.james1@navy.mil1. Action Code: Pre-solicitation
2. Date: 16 November 2017
3. Year: Fiscal Year 2018
4. Contracting Office Zip Code: 23511
5. Classification Code: V- Transportation, Travel, & Relocation Services
6. ContractingOffice Address: 471 East C St., Bldg. 64, Naval Station Norfolk,
Norfolk,VA 23511
7. Subject: UUV San Diego
8. Proposed Solicitation Number: N32205-18-R-3401
9. Closing Response Date: 20 November 2017
10. Contract Point of Contact or Contracting Officer: Michelle James; michelle.james1@navy.mil; 757-443-3870
11. Contract Award Number: TBD
12. Contract Award Dollar Amount: TBD
13. Contract Line Item Number: TBD
14. Contract Award Date: TBD
15. Contractor: TBD
16. Description: A U.S. flag vessel toprovide tow vessel for a large diameter autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). The contractor shall provide operational and logistic support services byproviding a U.S. Flagged tugboat, and two (2) RHIBs for the tow-line transit ofthe UUV and tendering of exercise support equipment. When towing is complete and the UUV is detached, the tug shall act as the exercise support platform. All work in this task will be performed at NAS North Island (NASNI) and surrounding local waters for exercise support. Laydays commencing on 05 December 2017.
17. Set-aside Status: 100% Small Business Set-Aside. The decision to make this a total small business set-aside is based on responses received under a recent of Market Survey. MSC's Small Business Associate has concurred with this assessment.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/c5bc310ef020570453ab71e396cf20b6