FBO Notice Date 01/1719
BIDS Reference Number 162
Document Type: Sources Sought
Aircraft & Airframe Structural Components

Department of the Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Pax River, 20670

15 -- ECP 6227C3 "Final Critical Safety Items (CSI) Piece Parts" SOL 22004-19 DUE 020119 POC Christopher W. Colyer, Contract Specialist, Phone 3017579744, Email christopher.colyer@navy.mil - Bret Bret, PCODISCLAIMER

THIS SOURCES SOUGHT IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THIS ISNOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. IT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A SOLICITATION AND SHALL NOTBE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT. RESPONSES IN ANY FORM ARE NOT OFFERS AND THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AWARD A CONTRACT AS A RESULT OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. NO FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE TO PAY FOR PREPARATION OF RESPONSESTO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. ANY INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY RESPONDENTS TO THIS TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION IS STRICTLY VOLUNTARY. It is a market research tool being used to determine potential and eligible small business firms capable of providing the supplies and/or services described hereinprior to determining the method of acquisition and issuance of a Request for Proposal. The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this synopsis.


This Sources Sought notice is being posted to satisfy the requirement of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 206.302-1(d). The Naval Air SystemsCommand (NAVAIR) intends to award a sole source Firm Fixed Price
contract to The Northrop Grumman Company (NGC- Cage Code 76823) of El Segundo, California for the procurement of requirements in accordance with Engineering Change Proposal 62273, "Final Critical Safety Items (CSI) Piece Parts," doublers, fittings, stiffeners, and shims in order to assemble the final (84) AFC-582 A1 kits. NGC has the unique tooling, capability, resources and expertise required to perform the Government's requirements in an accurate and timely manner.

This acquisition is being pursued on a sole source basis, underthe statutory authority of Title 10, U.S.C. Section 2304(c) (1), as implementedby Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 6.302-1, "Only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements." This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals; however, the Government will consider all responses received to this notice. A determination by the Government not to compete this requirement is solely within the discretion of the Government. No solicitation will be available for this procurement. Information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit or award a contract.


Ability to provide the following part numbers;

74R320099-2099 Doubler
74R320099-2100 Doubler
74R320099-2101 Fitting
74R320099-2102 Fitting
74R320099-2103 Fitting
74R320099-2104 Fitting
74R320099-2105 Stiffener
74R320099-2106 Stiffener
74R320099-2107 Doubler
74R320099-2108 Doubler
74R320099-2109 Stiffener
74R320099-2110 Stiffener
74R320099-2111 Doubler
74R320099-2112 Doubler
74R326021-2001 Shim
74R326021-2003 Shim
74A326035-2003 Divider Plate
74A326035-2004 Divider Plate
74A320651-2054 Stiffener


Interested business shall submit a brief capabilities statementpackage (no more than ten 8.5 x 11 inch pages, font no smaller than 12 point, 1.5 spaced) demonstrating their ability to provide the supplies or services listed in the required capabilities described herein. Documentation should be in bullet format. All responses shall include Company Name, Company Address, Company Business Size, and Points-of-Contact (POC) including name, phone number, fax number and email address.

The documentation must address, at a minimum, the following: Provide the type of work your company has performed in the past 3 years in support of same/similar requirement(s), Cage Code and DUNN's number. Include information such as contract number, organization supported, indication of whether a prime or subcontractor, contract value, Government point of contact and current telephone number, and a brief description of how the contract referenced relates to the required capabilities described herein.

Describe the specific technical capabilities and experience which your company possesses which will ensure capability to perform requirements as outlined in the required capabilities described herein.

The capability statement package shall be sent by mail to AIR-2.2.3 Contracts, Christopher Colyer, Code, Building 2272, 47123 Buse Road, Suite 453, Patuxent River MD 20670 or by email to Christopher.colyer@navy.mil. Submissions must be received at the office cited no later than 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on 01 Feb 2019. Questions or comments regarding this notice may be addressed to Christopher Colyer via email at christopher.colyer@navy.mil.

Contracting Office Address:

Building 2272
47123 Buse Road Unit IPT
Patuxent River, Maryland 20670
United States

Place of Performance:

Performance will occur at the Northrop Grumman in El Segundo, CA

Primary Point of Contact:

Christopher Colyer
Contract Specialist

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVAIR/N00421/22004-19/listing.html