FBO Notice Date 01/22/18
BIDS Reference Number 171
Document Type: Modification

Department of the Army, Defense Logistics Agency Detachment, DLA TACOM - Warren Acquisition Center, 48397-5000

10 -- Rammer Assembly SOL SPRDL1-17-R-0333PRESOL DUE 021218Amy S. Robosan, Phone 5862823194, Email amy.robosan@dla.milAmendment 0001 posted. See amendment for changes to solicitation. Closing extended to January 3, 2018. Changes have been made to the TDP posted on FBO.

Amendment 0002 posted. Closing extended to January 24, 2018.

Amendment 0003 posted. Closing extended to February 12, 2018.CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/72c609f7ab81ee38bb3badfb52e22948