FBO Notice Date 03/15/18
BIDS Reference Number 18
Document Type: Presolicitation
Aircraft Components & Accessories

Department of the Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, NAVAIR HQ, 20670

16 -- Parts for MCOI retrofit A Kits SOL N00019-18-RFPREQ-PMA-275-0316 DUE 033018 POC Lorna D. Taylor, CONTRACT SPECIALIST, Phone 3019957454, Email lorna.d.taylor@navy.mil - Rick Paskoski, Procurment Contracting Officer, Phone 301-757-5226 , Email rick.a.paskoski@navy.mil

the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) intends to issue an Order underBasic Ordering Agreement, Contract N00019-17-G-0002 with the Bell-Boeing Joint Project Office on an 'other than full and open' competitive basis to address thePMA-275's requirement for procurement of the following A-Kit parts for Mission Computer Obsolescence Initiative (MCOI). Part Number: BACS45B11; 901-570-500-139; 901-370-345-733; 901-031-824-387; 901-031-741-435; 901-025-554-101; 901-170-350-253; 901-170-350-255; 901-170-350-257; 901-570-500-123; 901-570-500-125; 901-570-500-127; 901-570-500-129; 901-570-500-131; 901-570-500-143; 901-570-515-103

Bell-Boeing is the sole developer, designer, and manufacturer of the V-22 aircraft. As such, Bell-Boeing is the only responsible source with the necessary access to the technical data and requisite expertise to perform the contemplated effort with the required schedule. Bell-Boeing is the sole source managing database requirements for the V-22. For subcontracting opportunities please contact Sean Malloy at 610-591-2817 or sean.m.malloy@boeing.com and Matthew Sticksel at 817-280-3103 or msticksel@bellhelicopter.textron.com.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVAIR/N00019/ N00019-18-RFPREQ-PMA-275-0316/listing.html