FBO Notice Date 12/13/18
BIDS Reference Number 186
Document Type: Sources Sought
Clothing, Individual Equipment & Insignia

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - APG (W911QY) Natick (SPS), 01760-5011

84 -- Army Green Service Uniform RFI (2) SOL W911QY-18-AGSU-RFI-2 DUE 011019 POC Stephen M. Reffel, Contracting Officer, Phone 5082336177, Email stephen.m.reffel.civ@mail.mil - Matthew Buchanan, Contracting Officer, Phone 508-233-6141,Email matthew.r.buchanan6.civ@mail.milProgram Executive Office Soldier, Ft. Belvoir, VA is conducting a market investigation to identify domestic manufacturers as sources for the complete Army Green Service Uniform. The Army Green Service Uniform is part of an effort to help form a stronger connection between the Army and the country. The Uniform invokes an image of our Army at its most popular and connects that heritage to today's Soldier. Adopting the Army Green Service Uniform will enable the Army to re-establish a distinctive look, renew a strong uniform tradition in the Army and distinguish our Soldiers from the other Services. This investigation will inform market research for future efforts regarding the Army Green Service Uniform.

The following information shall be included in the written response:

- Company address, telephone number, primary contact(s) with e-mail address(es).

- Business size (i.e., small/large/HUB Zone), and Cage/DUNS numbers.

- Statement of capability demonstrating background, experience, skills, ability and availability to fulfill the Government's requirements described herein, this can also include current or past performance of providing similar products to the Government. Describe past experience in the manufacturing of high quality, optional purchase military officer dress uniforms. Show past experience in themaking, stocking and on-order shipping of dress uniforms.

- All assumptions, including any assumed/required Government support.

- No government furnished material (GFM) will be provided. The Government will provide specifications for approved fabrics. Vendors will use Berry Amendmentcompliant sources of supply for uniform fabrics. Provide projected fabric lead times, estimated costs per square yard for the fabrics, and a letter of commitment from the identified supplier(s) to accept and begin producing a fabric order in sufficient quantities within 15 days of Prime contract award.

- A statement demonstrating your full understanding of the resources required to finance a Prime manufacturing and integration contract to provide complete,very high quality, dress uniform ensembles for 11,000 Soldiers. An ensemble would include one dress coat, two pair of pants, one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeve shirt, one tie, one pair leather oxfords, two pairs of socks, one garrisoncap, one belt with buckle, one all-weather coat, and one pair gloves. Ensembleswill also include accompanying shoulder sleeve insignia, rank and individual service stripes. Include a statement from your financial institution verifying that your company has the resources to accomplish the scope.

- Describe your process for handling Army Green Service Uniform patterns andyour experience manufacturing Uniforms.

- Describe your capabilities to rapidly modify Army Green Service Uniform patterns to accommodate government directed design changes.

- Describe ability to provide final pricing for the entire ensemble once thepatterns are finalized in June 2019.

- Designate which items you would manufacture and which you would subcontract. Describe your manufacturing capabilities in detail including equipment, facilities, and quality management systems. Describe your role in the proposed subcontracts.

- Show how your company could potentially deliver the following quantities to the Government:

- Provide Product Demonstration Models (PDM) at no cost to the government for the Army Green Service Uniform ensembles (including accessories) within 90 days of contract award.

- Provide initial 5,000 complete Army Green Service Uniform ensembles (including accessories) within 320 days of contract award. Assume that production willnot begin until patterns are finalized-approximately June 2019. Full delivery to occur before end of February 2020.

- Offer subcontracts for like items to current manufacturers of Army Blue Service Uniform, supplying them fabrics, in lieu of GFM and meet the financial obligations required to do so.

- Make, stock, maintain and ship on order an tariff/inventory of 1,000 (maximum) complete AGSU replacements for up to 3 months after delivery of 10,000 uniforms.

- Provide Special Fielding services for up to 10,000 uniform ensembles. Services may include off site sizing, alterations, make-to-fit, expedited production, expedited delivery, and full set up of uniforms.

In addition, responders should submit a PDM of the Army Green Service Uniform with their written response. PDMs submitted for the purpose of this Market Research should be in fabrics of similar style and quality required of the Army Green Service Uniform but are not required to be of the exact type and shade. The Government will use PDMs submitted in response to this Market Research to assess capability production and craftsmanship only. PDMs should be three male samples,three female samples. Samples only need to include 1 Dress Coat, 1 pair of pants and long sleeve shirt.

Sizes for PDMs should be according to the following table:
Men's Dress Coats 33SC, 42RC, 54XLA
Men's Trousers 28SC, 35RC, 37LA
Men's Shirts, Long Sleeve 14 x 29, 16-34/35, 18-1/2 x 38/39
Women's Dress Coats 4MR, 12MR, 26WT
Women's Slacks 4JP, 12MR, 24WT
Women's Overblouse 4S, 12R, 22L

Interested parties should contact SCIE to obtain the patterns requiredto build the PDMs. Patterns for PDMs will not be the final pattern version.

The findings from this Market Research effort will influence future solicitations related to this requirement. This Market Research is not a solicitation and the Government is not requesting proposals at this time. This is a market survey for planning purposes only. The Government is also requesting that restrictive or proprietary markings not be used in response to the RFI. The information received under this announcement may be used for developing acquisition strategy and refining operational requirements. Capability Statements, including attachments, are limited to ten (10) pages. Any Capability Statements, including attachments, which are not submitted in MS WORD and/or MS EXCEL or PDF format, will be rejected. Replies must address all of the information requested above.

No telephonic submissions will be honored. All product information shall be submitted at no cost or obligation to the Government. Interested parties shall respond no later than 1200hrs (noon) on January 10, 2019.

FAR 52.215-3 - Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes, applies herein.

Address any questions about this RFI to Mr. Blaise Liess via e-mail at blaise.p.liess.ctr@mail.mil

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/bbf7bb45fa894bd8ef5404825679d19a