FBO Notice Date 09/18/18
BIDS Reference Number 208
Document Type: Sources Sought
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Northern California Health Care System, Department of Veterans Affairs No. California Health Care System System, 95652-2609

J -- Medical Gas System Maintenance for VA Pacific Island Health Care System in Honolulu SOL 36C26118Q9336 DUE 092518Felicia A. DeMitafelicia.demita@va.govThis is a Sources Sought only. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is performing market research to determine if there are any vendors with economic status of Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, and other SmallBusinesses that can provide testing, inspection, and maintenance on medical gasequipment for VA Pacific Island Health Care System, located at Tripler Army Medical Center.The following devices require labor, material, and equipment to perform complete inspection, testing, preventative maintenance, and minor repairs:Center for Aging, Building 110, 110 Krukowski Road, Tripler Army Medical Center

One (1) Chemetron BOL-150-2 Totally Oil-Free Duplex Reciprocating Air Compressor. One (2) Hankison HPRE75 Refrigerated Air Dryer. One (1) Amico A310 Carbon Monoxide Monitor. One (1) Kahn 75-5495-8-10 Dew Point Monitor. One (1) Amico Total Oil Recirculating V-RVL-D-120P Duplex Vacuum Pump. One (1) Amico M2HD-D-HH-U-OXY High Pressure Supply Manifold. Two (2) Chemetron 74-14-1011 Master Alarm Panel. One (1) Chemetron 74-14-6025 Area Alarm Panel. Seven (7) Chemetron 77-83-1134 Zone Valve Box.One (1 Lot) Chemetron 77-03-0002, -0003, -0004, -0005, -0006, -0008, Ball Valvewith copper extensions. One (1 Lot) Chemetron 64-01-5001, -5002, -5003, Quick Connect Outlet Station. One (1 Lot) Chemetron 64-64-5601, DISS Connect Outlet Station.

Ambulatory Care Clinic, Building 30, 459 Patterson Road, Tripler Army Medical Center

One (1) Chemetron 61-21-970315 Air Compressor System.One (1) Chemetron 63-13-970315 Air Dryer Package.One (1) Air Techniques AirStar 50 Dental Air System.One (1) Air Techniques VacStar 80H Dental Vacuum System.One (1) Chemetron 62-3030-970315 Vacuum Pump System.One (1) Chemetron 86-41-9006 Reserve Manifold, & One Chemetron (1) 86-41-9001Oxygen Manifold.Two (2) Chemetron 74-14-1012 Master Alarm Panel.One (1) Chemetron 74-14-6020 Area Alarm Panel.Five (5) Chemetron 74-14-6025 Area Alarm Panel.One (1) Chemetron 77-83-1135 Zone Valve Box.Two (2) Chemetron 77-83-1113 Zone Valve Box.One (1 Lot) Chemetron 77-03-0002. -0003. -0004. -0005. -0006. -0008. Ball Valvewithcopper extensions.One (1 Lot) Chemetron 64-20-0001, -0002, -0005; 64-01-5001, -5002, -5003 Quick Connect Outlet Stations.One (1 Lot) Chemetron 64-06-0001 Vacuum Slide, 86-41-9002, -9003, -9004, -9005,-9006 Check Valves, Regulators, etc.

There is no solicitation document as this time. The NAICS is 811219 with SmallBusiness size of $20.5M million. NOTE: Please ensure that System For Award Management (SAM) (www.sam.gov) indicates this NAICS code if you are interested in the requirement.Only firms interested and capable should send their information and/or capability statement and any questions by email to felicia.demita@va.gov a no later than4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, September 25, 2018.If interested, please provide the following information:Name of CompanyPoint of Contact Name, phone number, and email addressDUNS numberSocio-economic status such as Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, VOSB, Women-Owned Small Business, etc. should be included. SDVOSB/VOSB status willbe verified using VetBiz.Capability statementsDoes your company have employees in Honolulu certified as a Medical Gas SystemsMaintenance Personnel 6040 certification? If so, provide evidence with response.Pricing Information

Before responding please carefully read and consider the following:

As this is a service acquisition, the Small Business Administration and the Federal Acquisition Regulation have a Limitations on Subcontracting requirement. For all small businesses, to include SDVOSB and VOSB vendors must comply with 13 CFR 125.6: In the case of a contract for services (except construction), it will not pay more than 50% of the amount paid by the government to it to firms thatare not similarly situated. Any work that a similarly situated subcontractor further subcontracts will count towards the 50% subcontract amount that cannot be exceeded.

Please see the DRAFT Statement of Work attached for further details.

DISCLAIMERThis Sources Sought notice is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this request that is marked proprietary will be handled accordingly. The Government will not compensate an offeror for providing information in response to this sources sought. Furthermore, the Government reserves the right to cancel this requirement at its discretion. This is simply a sources sought notice.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/VA/VANCHCS/VANCHCS/36C26118Q9336/listing.html