FBO Notice Date 12/11/18
BIDS Reference Number 209
Document Type: Sources Sought
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Philadelphia PA, 19111

J -- ADDING NIIN 012173670 TO BOA N0038317GAH01 SOL N0038319Q017F DUE 121718JOHN VISCONTOJOHN.VISCONTO@NAVY.MILThis is a sole source requirement.\\The Government physically does not have in its possession sufficient, accurate, or legible data to contract repair with other than the current source. \\One or more of the items under this acquisition issubject to Free Trade Agreements. (FAR 52.225-3). \\One or more of the items under this acquisition is subject to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement and Free Trade Agreements. (FAR 52.225-5)\\

These items require Government Source Approval prior to award. If you are not an approved source, you must submit, together with your proposal, the informationdetailed in the NAVSUP WSS Source Approval Brochure which can be obtained on the internet at https://www.navsup.navy.mil/navsup/ourteam/navsupwss/business_opps.Offers received which fail to provide all data required by the source approval brochure will not be considered for award under this solicitation.\\For information or questions regarding this notice, please contact John Visconto at the email address: John.Visconto@navy.mil.\\

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVSUP/N00383/N0038319Q017F/listing.html