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Professional, Administrative, And Management Support Services

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, West Bank, Gaza USAID-West Bank, 09892-0206

R -- Accountability and Research Team (ART) Program SOL 72027819R00002 DUE 011419 POC Hourig Panos DelDelian, Senior Acquisition Specialist, Email hdeldelian@usaid.gov



Syria is in the midst of a nearly decade long, multi-faceted conflict that has led to more than 500,000 killed, the flight of over 5.5 million refugees, and the internal displacement of another 5.9 million people. In addition to trauma, violence and displacement, Syrians face the socioeconomic impact of war, including: severe economic decline, damaged or destroyed infrastructure, failing public services, weakened governance institutions, and substantial gaps in education. Individual communities and their respective governance institutions cope with a variety of challenges including: limited access to electricity and water, damaged transportation infrastructure, inadequate educational and health facilities, diminished ability to collectand treat public waste, rising costs and decreasing quality of fuel, lack of educational opportunities, decreased economic activity, and increased demands for basic government services. These challenges are most acutely experienced by women, ethnic minorities and children, who don’t have adequate representation to ensure their voices are heard and their needs met.

Implementation of activities contemplated in ART in this environment requires a high degree of coordination and communication among implementing partners, the U.S. Government (USG), andsub-partners. The dynamic environment involving active conflict, shifting linesof control, and multiplicity of actors has a direct impact on access to specific geographic locations, Syrian organizations, and individuals. There are also significant logistical requirements that demand close coordination with USAID and Syrian partners. For example, the contractor will need to be adept at remote management of the activity, as its personnel may face difficulty traveling in Syria. The provision of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) and Research, Analysis, Data Visualization and Mapping (R&A) services, and the implementation of related activities, will require innovation, creativity, and triangulation of information in the oversight of implementation and monitoring efforts. These challenges pose risks to: the design and implementation of individual activities within communities, the timely delivery of material andtechnical assistance, and the verification and monitoring of activities within Syria. Mitigation of these risks requires an approach that leverages extensive and detailed ongoing analysis of the environment; strong relationships with Syrian organizations, institutions, and individuals; and the political and diplomatic resources of USAID and other USG and international actors.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Jordan is seeking a partner to implement the ‘Accountability and Research Team (ART)’ activity in Syria. The aim of ART is to provide third party monitoring (TPM); monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL), as well as research, analysis, data visualization and mapping (R&A) services for USAID’s Middle East Bureau (MEB) programs implemented in Syria. The first of the MEB-administered Syria programs is the proposed Building Resilient Inclusive Communities inConflict (BRICC) award that will be procured through a multi-holder, IndefiniteDelivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract.

The ART implementing partner will use flexible, innovative and adaptive systems in case of unanticipated changes in USG policy and MEB Syria programs. Partnering with local institutions and consultants is encouraged in completing tasks in the implementation of the statement of work below.

USAID’s BRICC and ART activities are in the design process and are pending approval. USAID will not issue Request for Proposals until all activity approvals are completed.

  1. Monitoring Support Services:

The contractor will conduct regular performance monitoring of MEB-supported Syria programs. Performance indicator data will be collected and aggregated from activity reporting, while context indicator data may be from a variety of independent sources.

  1. Activity Monitoring:

The contractor will be expected to verify that activities in Syria supported by MEB are taking place or have been completed. The contactor will inspect implementation progress and deliverables, and, verify monitoring data. Also, the contractor will provide data, information and recommendations to assist USAID’s determination whether or not interventions are effective and meeting expected objectives,

  1. Analysis and Research:

The contractor will provide analysis and research services to the MEB and its Syria programs as directed by USAID. Through its analytic approach, the contractor will identify findings or responses that should be raised immediately with USAID. The contractor will also complete desk reviews on subjects identified by USAID. Outputs may include,but are not be limited to: deep dives, atmospheric reports, and political- economic analyses relevant to the Syrian context. The contractor will also provideselected analysis and research reports for implementing partners, such as thoseimplementing task orders under the BRICC and identified by USAID. Outputs mayinclude, but are not limited to: selected ad hoc reports, monthly atmospheric reporting or other qualitative or quantitative research products. The contractor will also provide expert data visualization and mapping products, using geographic information technology and other industry-leading technology to communicate analysis and research findings.

  1. Evaluations:

USAID will use evaluations to inform decisions related to follow-on programming and other strategic and programmatic decisions. USAID may include partners and other stakeholders in planning and conducting evaluations to ensure the evaluations are properly scoped and relevant for its strategic and programming needs. USAID staff may serve on evaluation teams if appropriate expertiseis available.

Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting (CLA):

The contractor will develop innovative approaches to support MEB’s CLA efforts related to its Syria programs, including the development of a learning agenda and providing technical assistance with analyses and assessments identified by MEB staff.


This call is exclusively for U.S Small Business firms. Interested parties must demonstrate their experience and ability to perform the third party monitoring, evaluation, and learning, as well as the research and analysis servicesand tasks described in this notice.

Firms are requested to provide capability statements that provide relevant examples of both governmental and non-governmental contracts under which the firm has performed. Firms are requested to demonstrate ability to serve as a prime and sub-awardees/sub-contractors.

The items below must be addressed in the response:

1. Up to a two-page statement describing the firm’s capability to execute the services and tasks described in this notice, with specific emphasis on managing activities remotely and operating in high threat environments.
2. Up to a two-page statement describing the firm’s experience in relation to the services being required, with specific emphasis on managing activities remotely and operating in high threat environments.
3. One-page table (Sample Table A below) of this notice with a list of between three and seven past or current projects demonstrating relevant work experience in the items listed under the Services and Tasks Required section above at the prime or subcontractor/awardee level.
4. A statement identifying the applicable small business and socioeconomic designation in accordance with FAR 19.3.3. Consortia are encouraged to respond as long as the prime contractor is a small business.






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