FBO Notice Date 06/13/18
BIDS Reference Number 219
Document Type: Sources Sought
Construction, Mining, Excavating & Highway Maintenance Equipment

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Philadelphia, 19107-3390

38 -- Super Longreach Pontoon Amphibious Excavator SOL W912BU-18-R-0041 DUE 062018 POC Gibao E. Kani-Goba, Contracting Specialist, Phone 2156566773, Email Gibao.E.Kani-Goba@usace.army.milThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division - Philadelphia District intends to issue a commercial solicitation to procure two (2) Amphibious Hydraulic Undercarriage, pontoon dimensions 5ft high by 6ft wide by 32ft long, with a diesel powered, heavy duty, hydraulically operated Model 330F Caterpillar Excavator or similar equipped with a Super Long Reach 60 foot long boom, stick and bucket arrangement, capacities and all other equipment, features, accessories, training, manuals, and delivery as mentioned herein.

• Equipment must be of the latest design and current production model. Lesser equipped model shall
not be modified to meet specifications.

• Equipment must comply with all current, and in effect ANSI, OSHA, andU.S. Army Corps of
Engineers safety requirements.

Item #2: Listed below is being offered as a trade-in for credit to Item 1# of this request;

• Caterpillar 330C Tracked Excavator, S/N JDKY03020. Hours: 7273

• Caterpillar 325D Super Long Reach Excavator on Wilco Pontoons S/N A3R01421. Hours: 8999

• Caterpillar 325D Tracked Excavator, S/N A3R00339. Hours: 10197

Item #3: Premier Extended Warranty for Item #1. Include an additional 5 yearor 5,000 hours on the swing bearing.


• Caterpillar Model 330F Hydraulic Excavator, less Undercarriage
• Amphibious Undercarriage, Installed
• Caterpillar C-7.1 ACERT Diesel Engine or compatible
• Sixty foot (60') Super Long Reach Front (Boom/Stick)
• Super long reach counterweight 7.4 Ton
• Bucket, 48" 0.74 yd3, drain holes with bottom cutting edge and teeth
• Complete cab with bi-level air conditioner, heater and defroster


Items listed can be considered as standard, optional or as accessories but shall be included into the total unit
price for item 1. In some cases these may have already been listed previously.


• Windows polycarbonate, except laminated glass in retractable front windshield.
Tempered glass in removable lower windshield and sliding upper door window.
• Sun Visor, Windshield
• AM/FM Radio with two speakers
• KAB 84/E4P suspension seat, with adjustable arm rest and retractable seat belt
• Monitor, full graphic color display with machine condition information
• Pop-Up skylight, with sun screen
• Windshield wipers and washers, upper and lower
• Positive filtered ventilation
• Bi-level air conditioner, heater and defroster w/automatic climate control
• Instrument panel and gauges
• Interior lighting
• Coat hook
• Literature compartment
• Storagecompartment suitable for lunch box, with cover
• Neutral lever for all controls
• Adjustable pilot operated joystick type (wrist lever) controls
• Floor mat
• Beverage holder
• Working hourinformation
• Pre-start monitoring system for all oils and coolant
• Door locks and cap locks
• Mirrors (Frame-right, Cab-left)
• Manufacturers standard painting scheme is acceptable


• Alternator, 65 ampere
• Working lights, cab mounted, two each
• Horn, Signaling/Warning
• Travel Alarm
• Power Supply 12V-7A
• Electric starting, 24 volt and air intake heater


• Caterpillar Model C-7.1 Diesel Engine or equivalent
• Automatic engine speed control with one touch low idle
• Water separator infuel line with water level indicator
• Electric Priming pump
• High Ambient Cooling
• Cold Weather Starting
• Antifreeze 50% concentration with protection to at least -30F
• Two speed auto-shift travel
• Muffler/Standard
• Air Pre-filter


• Pontoon Dimensions- 5 ft High x 6ft Wide x 32ft Long
• Assembled Dimensions- 5.8 ft High x 20 ft Wide x 35 ft Long
• Speed- Up to1.5 mph on hard dry surface and up to 1.0 mph in water
• Pontoon Construction- High Strength, Low Alloy, Weathering ASTM A606-4 plate steel used for
• Drive System- Power is provided by excavator's diesel engine and main hydraulic pumps
through a hydraulic swivel
• Standard excavator travel controls are to be used
• Drive Chain- US 3011 Engineering class 3.067 inch pitch, high strength offset side bar drive
• Track Chain- Three strands heavy-duty 5-inch pitch track chain per pontoon
• Track Cleats- Marine grade 3-inch extruded 6061-T6 aluminum alloy double grouser cleats with
HDMP wear pads
• Car body needs to be a flanged center car body that will make assembly and disassembly fastand easy.


• Eight (8) Ignition keys
• Sixty (60') Long Reach Front (Boom/Stick)
• Counterweight for long reach front 7.4 ton
• General Purpose Bucket 48", 0.74yd3 with drain holes, bolt on cutting edge and teeth
• Auxiliary hydraulic valve
• Automatic swing parking brake
• Ful1y pressurized hydraulic system
• Fine Swing Control
• Third Pedal, Straight Travel
• Hand Control Pattern Changer
• Falling Objects Guard
• Heavy duty bottom guard
• Bucket, 45 inch wide, .8 cubic yard Ditch Cleaning Bucket (for spare)


• Two (2) complete sets of bound and printed parts, service, maintenance, lubrication charts,
operations instructions and manuals are required, for machine and all accessories not installed at
the factory.
• Two(2) sets, if available, in CD Rom format of all service, maintenance, lubrication charts, and
operators instructions in addition to the printed sets.
• One set of any safety or operator's videos, that may be available for this piece of equipment, shall
be provided.


In order to keep the overall cost down on the new Pontoon Excavator, it is the intent of the Government to trade in:
1. Caterpillar 330C Tracked Excavator, S/N JDKY03020. Hours: 7273
2. Caterpillar 325D Super Long Reach Excavator on Wilco Pontoons S/N A3R01421. Hours: 8999
3. Caterpillar 325D TrackedExcavator, S/N A3R00339. Hours: 10197
The Contractor shall notify Michael Cox, Supervisor at the Pedricktown Field Office at 609-929-0384 in advance to set up an inspection to provide a fair and market value of each piece of equipment. The Contractor will be responsible for the removal of the trade in equipment from the locations and only after the new machines have been delivered, set up, functional and fully received.


• The manufacturer shall provide at minimum at least a twelve (12) month factory warranty for all parts
and labor.
• Manufacturer can offer an extended warranty along with a separate cost which would be evaluated at the
time of award.

• Machine shall be delivered to:

US Army Corps of Engineers, Pedricktown Field Office
Artillery Road, Route 130
Building #613
Pedricktown, NJ 08067

• P.O.C. for delivery: Michael Cox 856.299.6032
• There shallbe at least a three (3) working days advance notice prior to the machines arrival at the
final delivery site referenced above.
• The manufacturer shall have the local authorized service company available at time of delivery to
cover the operation of the machine prior to final inspection.
• Contractor will be responsible for any escorts or permits needed for the delivery.
• Contractor is responsible for the equipment and material to offloaded and the machine and placed safely.


• Contractor must provide the man power and equipment to assemble the machine.
• The Corps will accept the machine only when it is fully assembled correctly by the contractor
• The machine will be inspected and tested before full acceptance of the machine.


• Final inspection of the machine shall be completed at destination, and after Government
Personnel have an opportunity to test and operate the new machine.

The RFQ document, W912BU-18-R-0041, will be available for downloading from FedBizOps on or about June 21, 2018 at https://www.fbo.gov/. The North American Industry Classification Standard (NAICS) is 33312 and the size standard is 1,250 employees to classify as a small business. THIS IS A SMALL BUSINESS SET- ASIDE PROCUREMENT. All responsible sources may submit a quotation which shall be
considered by the agency.

Contractors must be registered in http://www.sam.gov/portal (System for Award Management).

Please note: On 22 March 18, GSA required all new SAM registrants to submit an original, signed, and notarized letter identifying the authorized Entity Administrator for the entity before a new entity registration will be activated. Effective 29 April 18, this process was applicable to all existing entities updating a SAM record (one time application unless Entity Administrator changes). The notarized letter requirement is mandatory for all types of registrants, US-based or foreign. The notarized letter process required a hard-copy letter to be sent to the SAM Federal Service Desk for review prior to activation of a SAM registration or validation of updated SAM data. The current process can take as long as 5-7 days.

Quotes will be evaluated on the basis of price and technical capability related factors. Liquidated damages and warranties will be required for this procurement. Inspections may be held to allow all prospective Quoters to inspect the equipmentl. Inspections can be held by appointment in Fredricktown, New Jersey. The Government requires completion of all work and delivery to be completed withinfifty (50) calendar days after Notice to Proceed.

All work shall be performed at a location within 300 nautical mile radius from
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division
Caven Point Marine Terminal
Jersey City, New Jersey.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA61/W912BU-18-R-0041/listing.html