FBO Notice Date 02/20/18
BIDS Reference Number 220
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Recreational & Athletic Equipment

Department of the Army, National Guard Bureau, USPFO for Oregon, 97309-5008

78 -- RRB Rockwall Services SOL 11146638 DUE 030518 POC Richard Harvey, Contract Specialist, Phone 503-584-3773, Email richard.a.harvey5.civ@mail.mil

The ORARNG Purchasing and contracting office has a new requirement meeting the Performance Work Statement (PWS) below. It is not known if there are other companies capable of performing the below requirement in it's entirety for the below rock walls. The ORARNG is seeking qualified vendors capable of performing thebelow requirement or will issue a sole source combined synopsis to Extreme Engineering to perform this requirement. Any vendor that can perform must send an email along with the total capabilities that must be verified by the government. All vendors with the capability to perform the requirement must provide the name and address of their business. The names, phone numbers and email to the POC's for the businesses. Also the CAGE code and DUNS number for the business.

PWS for OR Recruiting Annual Rock Wall Maintenance

1. The Oregon Army National Guard (ORARNG) Recruiting and Retention Command (RRC) requires annual maintenance to be performed on the 2 climbing rock walls it possesses. Work is to be completed on location at Mobile Event Team sites. This work will consist of a two part process identified in the following service requirements, to include make, model and VIN requirements.

2. Wall #1: Model # 2002 MW5 and VIN # 1B9EE272921245393.

3. Wall #2: Model # 2004 MW3 and VIN # 1B9EE271X41245252.

2. Inspection includes:


(1) Spring and axle bolts/u-bolts are securely fastened with no missing/broken parts.

(2) Wheel lug nuts are securely fastened with no missing lug nuts.

(3) Tire Air pressure is within tire manufacturer's specifications.

(4) Spare tire/bracket (if applicable) is securely mounted to the frame.

(5) Brake wiring is connected securely to the brake hub wiring.

(6) Fenders are securely fastened to the base frame.


(1) Battery box is securely fastened to the trailer base pan with cover attached.

(2) All wiring inside battery box is securely fastened at the proper location.

(3) Battery separator fence is located between the battery and the breaker inside the battery box.

(4) All pump and controller wiring is securely fastened at the proper location.

(5) Controller socket is securely fastened to the trailer base pan.

(6) Blue, white and black wires between the tower frame and trailer base frame are securely connected.


(1) Pump is securely fastened to the trailer base pan.

(2) Reservoir tank has a breather cap covering the fill hole.

(3) Oil level in the reservoir tank is at the proper level.

(4) All hoses, fittings and rams checked for leaks.

(5) All hoses are in good condition, not damaged or kinked.

(6) Lift rams have retaining rings (or cotter pins) in place on each side ofthe mounting pins.

(7) Lift Ram zerk fittings (if applicable) are greased.

(8) Lift ram mounting pin holes in base frame and lift arms are not excessively worn.


(1) Main tower to base hinge pin retaining bolt/nut are securely fastened.

(2) Main hinge zerk fittings are greased.

(3) Main hinge pin is in good condition, not excessively worn.


(1) Tower to base lockdown bracket securely fastened to tower frame.

(2) Tower to base lockdown holding pin not missing.

(3) Tower rest pad is in place on top of tower rest location(s).

(4) Frame welds are intact with no signs of breakage or separation.

(5) Toolbox (if applicable) securely mounted to mounting arms/brackets and
arms/ brackets are securely fastened to frame.

(6) Removable jacks operate properly and freely.

(7) Rear swing arm jacks (if applicable) are properly mounted and operate freely with no missing pop-pins.

(8) Stabilizer cable (if applicable) eye bolt is securely fastened to tower rest.


(1) Climbing panel is securely attached to tower frame.

(2) Panel is free of damage.

(3) Handholds are free of damage, securely fastened with no more than ¼" gap between hand held base and climbing panel.

(4) Eye bolts to hold auto-belay cables are securely fastened to the climbing panel, 3 feet or less from base of panel.


(1) Stabilizer cable (if applicable) attachment loops are free of damage.

(2) Tower to upper hinge arm bolts are not missing and securely fastened.

(3) Towing tongue is securely fastened (75 ft/lbs) mounted to tower frame with 6 sets of grade 5 bolts/washers/nylocks.

(4) Towing coupler is securely fastened (150 ft/lbs) to the tow tongue with grade 8 hardware.

(5) Towing coupler is free of damage and locking mechanisms operate properly.

(6) Towing coupler safety hitch pin is available for use.

(7) Towing safety cables are free of damage.

(8) Vehicle tow ball is 2 5/16" diameter, free of damage and not excessivelyworn.


(1) Trailer electric brake break-a-way switch is free of damage and sets emergency brakes when switch plunger is pulled out of switch body.

(2) Vehicle to trailer plug and wiring is damage free and not corroded.

(3) Brake lights, tail lights, clearance lights free of damage and operate properly.


(1) Stabilizer cables (if applicable) are free of damage and adjusted properly.

(2) Banner brackets (if applicable) are securely fastened to the tower frame.

(3) Frame welds are intact with no signs of breakage or separation.

(4) Battery charging solar panel securely attached with no missing hardware.

(5) Solar panel battery minder is functional and all charging wiring intact.


(1) Auto-belay box securely mounted to tower frame with two bolts/washer/nylock sets at top and bottom mount points.

(2) Auto-belay box is damage free, check bottom ram pin for slamming signs

(3) All pulleys inside auto-belay rotate freely, rotate independently, are damage free and not excessively worn.

(4) Pulley mounting hardware at top of box and at head bracket of rams securely fastened.

(5) All hoses and fittings (inside and outside), gauge and air/oil tank are not leaking and damage free.

(6) Hydraulic ram cylinders exhibit normal weeping or no weeping of oil, no signs of excessive leaking.

(7) Safety pins at pulley locations are damage free and not missing.

(8) Air/oil tank is securely mounted to auto-belay box lid.

(9) Air pressure is between 60 and 65 psi with cable extended down to and attached to eye-bolt on climbing panel.

(10) Auto-belay cable extends out fully and freely with no roughness or hang-ups.

(11) Auto-belay cable retracts on its own from full extension back to top ofwall.

(12) Tower frame davit pulleys rotate freely with no roughness and show no signs of abnormal wear.

(13) Davit shields are damage free and do not rub on cable.

(14) Davit pulleys and shields are securely fastened to the davit arm.

(15) Auto-belay cable swivels are free of damage and swivel properly with noexcess play.

(16) Auto-belay cable swivel attachment to cable pin has retaining clips on each end of the pin.

(17) Auto-belay cable swivel protective boot and hose are not missing and ingood condition.

(18) Auto-belay cable carabiner is damage free, requires 3 distinct and different actions to open clasp.

(19) Auto-belay cable carabiner clasp operates freely and closes on its own.

(20) Auto-belay cable carabiner is constructed of steel, not aluminum.

(21) With wall in the raised/upright position, oil is visible in the auto-belay air/oil tank sight glass.


(1) Climbing wall tower raises and lowers fully with no abnormalities.

(2) Wall controller raises and lowers the wall fully with no abnormalities.

(3) Wall controller is damage free at the controller head, along the wiring and at the plug.

(4) Auto-belay achieves proper "Prime before You Climb" operation of controlled restricted cable extension.

(5) Auto-belay belays properly with a complete controlled decent from the top of the climbing panel to the bottom.

(6) Auto-belay retracts cable while climbing all the way to the top of the climbing panel by itself.

(7) Climbing harnesses are in good working order with no signs of excessive wear on the carabiner loop, webbing or stitching.

(8) Climbing harness speed buckles have a positive catch when inserting the buckle tab into the buckle receptacle.

(9) Climbing harness buckles do not release without having to press the release button.

(10) Climbing harness waist belt latch operates properly requiring safety catch to be depressed prior to being able to depress the latch clasp.

(11) Climbing harness waist belt latch spring closes the latch clasp and safety catch fully.

3. Second Unit of a "Two Product Service". This will also be conducted On-Site at the customer's location of product service and inspection for a second product. Both first and second units must be located in the same city.

a. Service includes labor for Auto-belay cable replacements.

b. Supply up to 8 Auto-belay cables.

c. Additional service beyond cable replacement will can incur additional charges for labor and parts.

4. Service Technicians providing the services to the climbing rocks walls must be able to provide documentation or training certification authorizing services to be performed on Extreme Engineering Products. The company providing this service must be authorized to do so without voiding the Extreme Engineering Products warranty.

5. Place of Performance:

6255 NE Cornfoot Rd
Portland, Or 97218-2747

6. Period of Performance: All work must be complete after 2 months After Delivery of contract (ADC). Once a contract has been awarded the customer point of contact (POC) for the government will be provided to begin coordination of the services required.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/NGB/DAHA35/11146638/listing.html