FBO Notice Date 09/17/18
BIDS Reference Number 222
Document Type: Modification
Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Heartland Network, Department of Veterans Affairs Heartland Network, 66048

65 -- Marion, IL. VAMC- Telemedicine Imaging System Canceled**Canceled**

SOL 36C25518Q9765PRESOL DUE 091718Donald E HannahContracting Specialist913-946-1972**Canceled **Department of Veterans Affairs, NCO 15, Leavenworth, KS intends tonegotiate a commercial contract Small Business Set Aside for Topcon Retinal Camera with components for document optic nerves, glaucoma patients, document nevi to monitor for changes and document maculas for our macular degeneration and Plaquenil patients at Marion, IL. VAMC, Eye Clinic **Canceled** as Brand Name or Equal which must be compatible with existing equipment and for standardization. All contract details, to include specifications will be included in the Request for Quote (RFQ), which will be released on or about 11 Sep 2018. **Canceled**Contractors can receive a copy of the RFQ by e-mail. E-mail address is donald.hannah@va.gov. Point of contact is Donald Hannah, 913-946-1972. **This procurement has been Canceled**

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/VA/LeVAMC/VAMCKS/36C25518Q9765/listing.html