FBO Notice Date 01/1719
BIDS Reference Number 229
Document Type: Sources Sought
Research & Development

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - APG (W911SR) Edgewood, 21010-5401

A -- Eight/Twelve Channel Microplate Washer for Mobile/Modular Laboratories SOL W911SR-19-S-MICROPLATE DUE 022819 POC Tolulope Olojo, Contract Specialist, Email tolulope.o.olojo.civ@mail.milThis is a Sources Sought Synopsis only.
This is a Sources Sought Notice, and is for informational/market research purposes only. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, QUOTATIONS OR BIDS. Responses to this sources sought announcement will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. NO SOLICITATION IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. The Government will not pay for any material provided in response to this market survey nor return the data provided. This notice is for information purposes only and is not a request to be placed on a solicitation mailing list nor is it a Request for Proposal (RFP) or an announcement of a solicitation. The applicable NAICS codes for this Sources Sought Notice are 334516.

The Joint Product Manager, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Analytics and Response Systems (JPdM CBRNE A&RS), Aberdeen ProvingGround, MD is conducting market research to identify microplate washers that have the capability to function in mobile/transportable laboratories providing field analysis. The technology should have a simple user interface and easy to operate. The purpose of this announcement is to gather information of state-of-the-art technologies in a bench-top configuration that is suitable for use inside of engineering controls during sample interrogation, adaptable to a mobile environment and allow for easy transportability. The microplate washer must:

• Accommodate a microplate with approximate dimensions of 128 mm x 86 mm and meets standard ANSI SLAS 1-2004 (R2012) footprint dimensions for 96 well microplates
• Be configurable for a 8 and 12 channel wash manifold
• Have a minimum variable wash volume range between 50 to 300 µL perchannel

Please address the following in the responses to this RFI:

1. Describe the company's capabilities and identify the technology/system's technology readiness level (TRL) and manufacturing readiness level (MRL). How isthe company structured to support the product if integrated into a program in the near and long term?

2. What is the maturity of the instrument being recommended? Is it early development, late development, or in production? Has it been fielded to any of the other Government agencies (please identify them)? Is the instrument or system inuse within the private sector?

3. What operating system (if any) does the product use?

4. What is the lead time for the product? What is the company's production capabilities/limitations?

5. What consumables and ancillary equipment are required to support this instrument? What quantity of consumables are required per analysis? Consumables andancillary equipment must be fully identified, even if manufactured by vendors other than themselves.

6. Describe the microplate well profiles that the washer can accommodate.

7. Describe the Operator interface (i.e., software, ease of use, and user interface)

8. Describe the typical operation of system (to include sample preparation);please include estimated times for each of the steps in the process.

9. Describe the physical dimensions of the system, power requirements, costsof the system and consumables required for a single operation.

All firms responding to this Sources Sought Notice are advised that their response to this notice is not a request to be considered for a contract award. All sources that are able to provide technologies meeting criteria in this announcement should submit their interest to Joint Product Manager CBRNE Analytics and Response Systems

Submissions are due no later than 5:00pm, 28 February 2019, Eastern StandardTime. The RFI response shall be submitted to:

ATTN: Kevin Kearns: kevin.t.kearns.civ@mail.mil
And a copy to the contract specialist Tolu Olojo at tolulope.o.olojo.civ@mail.mil

All information received in response to this notice that is marked proprietary will be handled accordingly. Acknowledgement of receipt of responses will notbe made, nor will respondents be notified of the government's view of the information received. Responses to this notice will not be returned.

The response to the RFI shall be limited to fifteen (15) pages (8.5" x 11") of English text, excluding test results and reports. It shall be single-spaced, 12 pitch with 1 inch left, right, top and bottom margins.

The respondent must also identify all technical data contained in the white paper that is to be treated by the Government as "subject to restrictive markings". In the absence of such identification, the Government will assume to have unlimited rights to all technical data in the white paper.

Responses should be submitted, as indicated above, and at a minimum, should include: RFI number, company name, address, telephone number, website address (if available), and indicate business size in relation to the NAICS code 334516. If available, provide your company's System for Award Management (SAM) Cage Code and DUNS number to verify your business status. Informational paper addressing the areas of interest listed above, brochures, published technical specifications, and 3rd party performance verification. The name, telephone number, and e-mailaddress of a point of contact having the authority and knowledge to clarify responses with Government representatives should also be included.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/bac3eca8de1e8871506476de6776c517