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Department of the Air Force, Air Combat Command, AMIC CONTRACTING OFFICE, 23665

R -- Airborne Networking Industry Day Part II SOL ACCA5J-002 DUE 021518 POC Thomas Schilling, Lt Col, Phone (757) 225-3612, Email thomas.schilling@us.af.mil - Katherine Caldwell, TSgt, Phone (757) 764-0788, Email katherine.caldwell@us.af.mil

ACC Airborne Networking Industry Day Follow-up Meeting

Air CombatCommand (ACC) will be holding a follow up meeting to its 12 April 2017 AirborneNetworking Industry Day on 10-11 April 2018 at Langley.

The purpose of the Airborne Networking Industry Day Follow-up Meeting is to provide Industry an opportunity to brief the ACC Tactical Data Link Branch leadership on possible solutions to ACC present and future capability gaps. All briefings should reference specific current or future airborne networking needs and be limited to no more than 30 minutes. The security level of the briefings should be limitedto Collateral Secret. Any company requesting a briefing time slot, should provide ACC/A5J with 2 page pre-brief abstract outlining their proposal by 15 February 2018. Due to the limited time slots available, not every proposed briefing will be selected. The abstracts will allow us to select which proposed briefingswill be heard and enable ACC to ensure that we have the proper subject matter experts present for the briefing.

The briefings should be focused onthe four core Airborne Networking Joint Capability Areas (Distributed Computing, Net Management, Information Transport, and Cybersecurity) and the impacts industry engagement could have on the Air Force Airborne Networking (AFAN) Lines of Effort (Navy Tactical Edge Integration, Air to Ground Integration, Improved Battle Management C2, Multi-domain Fusion, and Agile Communications).

Theselection criteria may include, but will not be limited to:

- Doesthe proposal address an airborne networking gap outlined in the current AFAN Roadmap?
- Does the proposal address a C2 Core Function Connectivity Gap?
- Does the proposal pertain to a known Capability Development Solution as laid out in the AFAN Roadmap?
- How many of the breakouts/sub-breakouts under Joint Capability Area 6 does the proposal address (e.g.: line of sight, beyondline of sight, info sharing, etc.)?
- Does the proposal directly or indirectly affect an airborne networking gap outlined in the current AFAN Roadmap?
- Does the proposal pertain to a current AFAN Roadmap Line of Effort?
-Does the proposal represent a new start or does it support an existing capability?
- Does the proposal offer the opportunity for cooperative research withan Air Force Lab?

If your company is selected to brief, you will need to register by completing the attached Registration Request form and forwarding it to ACC.A5JT@us.af.mil. Registration must be completed by 1 April 2018 to coordinate base access. Briefings will be held at the Collateral Secret level. All selected attendees will need to submit their clearance information through JPAS, at the time of registration, using the following information:

Reason for visit: ACC Airborne Networking Industry Day
Security POC: Brenda Sykes
Security POC Phone: Comm: 757-225-2999, DSN: 575-2999
Additional Information: None
First Day of Visit: 10 April 2018
Last Day of Visit: 11 April 2018

For questions regarding ACC Airborne Networking Industry Day, please contactLt Col Thomas Schilling, ACC/A5JT, DSN 575-3612 Comm (757) 225-3612, ACC.A5JT@us.af.mil or michael.mather.1.ctr@us.af.mil or TSgt Katherine Caldwell, ACC/A5J, DSN 574-0788 Comm (757) 764-0788, katherine.caldwell@us.af.mil

A linkto Industry Day Part I Summary is as follows: https://www.fbo.gov/utils/view?id=765db7e1affc480e98177501dc66c33b

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USAF/ACC/AACCONS/ACCA5J-002/listing.html