FBO Notice Date 10/18/18
BIDS Reference Number 247
Document Type: Sources Sought

Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region IV, 30341

85 -- Porta Potties SOL Porta_Potties_for_DR4399-FL DUE 101918 POC Kenneth V. Holmes, Contracting Officer, Phone 404-862-3607, Email kenneth.holmes@fema.dhs.gov - Betty Phillips, Contracting Specialist, Email betty.phillips@fema.dhs.govRFI: Porta Potties DR 4399-FL

Request for Information (RFI) to receive pricing for regular porta potties, ADA potties, and wash stations for various locations in the Declared Florida Counties. This requirement is in support of the Robert T. Stafford Act and is set-aside for local firms doing business in FL. 52.226-3 Disaster or Emergency Area Representation (NOV 2007) applies in its entirety.
(a) Set-aside area: The areas covered in this contract are: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Taylor, Wakulla, Washington
(b) Representation: The offeror represent that is___does____ does not reside or primarily do business in the designated set aside area.
(c) An offeror is considered to be residing or primarily doing businesses in the set-aside area if, during the last twelve months;
1). The offeror has its main operating office in the areas; x and offeror shall present a copy of a current operating office building ownership/lease documentation as supporting evidence.
(2). The office generated at least half of the offeror's gross revenues and employed at least half of the offeror's permanent employees. (Offeror shall present supporting documentation showing the offeror's gross revenue during the past 12 months, including previous IRStax your records, or supporting evidence
(d) If the offeror does not meet the criteria in paragraph (c) of this provision, factors to be considered in determining whether an offeror resides or primarily does business in the set-aside area include-
(1) Physical location(s) of the offeror's permanent office(s)and date any office in the set-aside area(s) was established; (offeror shall present a copy of a current operating office building ownership/lease documentation as supporting evidence of any permanent office(s) and any office(s) in the set-aside area)
Prior to submission of quotes, vendors are expected to reach areasonable understanding of the requirements. If such a review establishes the need for correction or clarification of the RFI the information should be brought to the attention of the contracting officer/specialist immediately to be corrected. All questions regarding this RFI must be submitted electronically to the contracting officer at: Kenneth.holmes@fema.dhs.gov or the contracting specialistat: betty.phillips@fema.dhs.gov. All questions are due (via email ONLY) no later than Friday, October 19, 2018 at Noon EST.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DHS/FEMA/RegIV/Porta_Potties_for_DR4399-FL/listing.html