FBO Notice Date 04/19/18
BIDS Reference Number 260
Document Type: Sources Sought
Electrical And Electronic Equipment Components

Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC), 21226-5000

59 -- 225' WLB MPCMS SOFTWARE UPGRADES SOL 225_MPCMS_SOFTWARE_UPGRADES DUE 042618Kelly Wyatt, Phone 4105824720, Email Kelly.A.Wyatt@uscg.mil

The U.S. Coast Guard, Surface Forces Logistics Center, In-Service Vessel Sustainment Team, has a requirement to upgrade the software for the Machinery PlantControl Monitoring System currently installed on the 225' WLB Buoy Tender classvessels. It is the Government's belief that onle the Original Equipment Manufacturer, L3 Technologies, Inc., possess the capabilities to upgrade this softwareand successfully install the upgrades on the UCGC KUKUI during its Mid-Life Maintenance Availability. Therefore, the Government intends to solicit and negotiate only with L3 Technologies. L3 Technologies maintains all proprietary rights to the system technical and engineering data and software data. However, interested sources that can provide this software upgrade may submit their capabilities for Government review no later than seven (7) calendar days from the date thisnotice if published. Information submitted must include the following details:(1) Description of software utilized on original system; (2) Date(s) and contract number(s) where the Offeror has provided the origibnal software or any upgrades to the Coast Guard; (3) Points of contact for each contract listed; (4) Offeror's capabilities to obatin the proprietary software and provide upgrades. Information shall be emailed to the Contracting Officer at . This data must includesufficient information to allow the Coast Guard to evaluate the information relative to the above requirements. Concerns that respond to this notice must fullydemonstrate a bona fide capability to meet the requirements. Inquiries/information received after the established deadline shall NOT be considered for this acquisition. The submission of this data for review shall not impede the award of this contract. This synopsis is issued pursuant to FAR 6.203-1 and HSAM 3006.302-1. For information regarding this acquisition, contact the Contracting officialslisted herein.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DHS/USCG/USCGELC/225_MPCMS_SOFTWARE_UPGRADES/listing.html