FBO Notice Date 07/16/18
BIDS Reference Number 308
Document Type: Sources Sought
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of Veterans Affairs, Phoenix VAMC, Carl T. Hayden Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 85014

J -- FBO - RFI - 36C25818Q9616 - BD Diagnostic Instruments PM SOL 36C25818Q9616 DUE 072518SUBMIT RESPONSES VIA EMAIL- dena.hallaren@va.govWITH THE FOLLOWING TITLE IN SUBJECT LINE:FBO - RFI - 36C25818Q9616 - BD Diagnostic InstrumeRESPONSES ARE DUE 07-25-2018 12:00PM ESTPage 7 of 7THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE:This is NOT a request for proposals; this is an industry inquiry for Market Research. A solicitation shall not be issued at this time. The intent of the procurement is to locate potential contractors for solicitation. The below specification defines the effort required for the purchase and period of performance.


The contractor shall provide all labor, personnel, equipment/systems, tools, materials, supervision and other items necessary to provide annual comprehensive preventive maintenance and corrective repair service and software support remotely and on-site for the equipment and systems listed below for two VA stations: Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) and Northern Arizona VA Health Care System (NAVAHCS) as defined in this PWS.


The contractor will perform on-site preventive maintenance (PM) inspection on equipment/systems as provided for in the contract agreement. PMs will be accomplished in accordance with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. Must use OEM certified parts and service engineer/technicians must be OEM trained and certified on all equipment included in agreement.Toll free support.Unlimited service calls with on-site response within next business day (Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM excluding holidays).All parts covered.Travel and labor included.Designated Response time 24 hours (next business day) unless otherwise agreed upon by COR or designeeWritten preventive maintenance (PM) procedures will be submitted on approval tothe Biomedical Engineering section within the first 30 days of the contract period. PMs will be accomplished in accordance with the approved written procedures.Response: All requests for repair service will be considered requests for emergency service unless a statement to the contrary is made by the COR, POC or designee. A competent service representative adequately equipped with tools, test instruments, service manuals, and repair parts will arrive at the VA station within the designated response time. The service representative may contact VA staff by phone before arrival at the VA station. Such contacts, however, will not serve to alter the requirements for arrival on-site except when the request for service is withdrawn by Biomedical Engineering.


SAVAHCS Tucson AZ VAEquipment Model: BACTEC MGIT 960 - EE#49861 - SN:MG1857Equipment Model: BD BACTEC FX - EE#54899 - SN:FT0078Equipment Model: BD BACTEC FX - EE#54898 - SN:FB0055Equipment Model: Phoenix PX100 - EE#50233 - SN:PX0919b. NAVAHCS Prescott AZ VAEquipment Model: BACTEC 9120 Lab Analyzer - SN:UB4429PERFORMANCE:

Hours: Normal duty hours are 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, not including federal holidays. The 10 holidays observed by the Federal Government are located at the following link:https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/snow-dismissal-procedures/federal-holidays/

Whenever contact with Biomedical Engineering is required outside of normal dutyhours, the Utility System Repair Operator (USRO) may be contacted as an alternate. The hospital operator at extension "0" can contact the USRO operator via radio.Preventive maintenance will be scheduled with a contact person as assigned by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR), Point of Contact (POC) or designee. This PM work must be completed in the month specified during the request unless another date is agreed upon by COR or designee.The Biomedical Engineering Manager can be contacted at: i. SAVAHCS Tucson AZ VA:POC: Engineering Department Contact information will be provided upon awardBldg. 38-room A22Southern Arizona VA Health Care System3601 S. 6th AveTucson, AZ 85723-0001

For SAVAHCS: All contractor personnel (without exception) must report to the Engineering Department, Bldg. 38-room A22, to sign in and receive a contractor identification badge before any work is performed and return to the same location to sign out and turn-in said badge along with the documented service report (as described in section 5, DOCUMENTATION) for the service performed. ii. NAVAHCS Prescott AZ VA:POC: Lab Contract information will be provided upon award.Lab, Rm 107B, Building 107Northern Arizona VA Health Care System500 North Highway 89Prescott, AZ 86313-5001

For NAVAHCS: Preventive maintenance will be scheduled with a contact person as assigned by the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR), Point of Contact (POC) or designee. Before doing any work, the service representative will report to Biomedical Engineering to log in and obtain a contractor identification badge,sign a log maintained by Biomedical Engineering and after the work is done, sign out. This log will state the nature of the visit and the time and place of thevisit. The Biomedical Engineering points of contact are as follows:

Failure to carry out the above procedures will be considered as a failure to document the service visit and will constitute a failure to perform.At the completion of the service call, the service representative will submit acomplete service report to Biomedical Engineering, as described in paragraph 4.DOCUMENTATION.Noncontract Charges: The contractor shall not perform any service that will result in additional charges without prior approval from the ContractingPayment: Payment will be made in arrears, and upon receipt of a properly prepared invoice which references the period for which payment is due, the contract number and/or assigned purchase order number. The invoice must include the correctpayment address.Waste Removal: The contractor is responsible to remove and properly dispose of all waste related to the services provide on-site at both specified stations.Failure to carry out the above procedures will be considered as a failure to document the service visit and will constitute a failure to perform.All shipping for parts will be included in the cost of the contract.


Service reports will be provided for all service activities including preventive maintenance, emergency repair, and safety inspections, and must contain the following information:Date(s) and time period of service.Complete description of equipment serviced including model number and serial number.Complete description of equipment services performed including upgrades, updates and software changes made.Complete list of all materials, parts, or assemblies installed or replaced including serial numbers of parts where applicable.A statement of the complaint that initiated the service call.Total standard labor hours, total overtime/premium hours, and total travel hours expended during the repair.


The contractor must respond to requests for emergency service in the following manner:

i. A competent service representative adequately equipped with tools, test instruments and repair parts will arrive at NAVAHCS within the designated response time.

ii. The competent service representative will be prepared to begin work immediately to resolve the complaint as expressed by the COR, POC or designee when service was requested. Work needed to resolve the complaint will continue without interruption until the problem is resolved.

iii. The service representative will come equipped with all the service/technical manuals needed to perform the work.

The service representative may contact VA staff by phone before arrival at NAVAHCS. Such contacts, however, will not serve to alter the requirements for arrival on-site except when the request for service is withdrawn by Biomedical Engineering.

The designated response time for this contract is 24 hours from the time of therequest for service. If repeated requests are made before the arrival of contractor s repairer, the first request will determine the required time of arrival.

All requests for repair service will be considered requests for emergency service unless a statement to the contrary is made by the COR, POC or designee. Suchstatements will be documented on the service report.

REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT:Whenever possible, all repairs and preventive maintenance will be performed at the specified VA station. When that is not possible, the COR, POC or designee may give approval for service work to be done at another location. All transportation charges will be borne by the contractor.VA property may not be removed from the SAVAHCS or NAVAHCS prior to execution, and approval of all documents as required by Acquisition and Materiel ManagementService. Computer hard drives and other storage media items may not leave VA property.Requirements for service reports for designated equipment not at this location are the same as for work done on-site. Service reports for incoming equipment will be presented for signature at the time of delivery. If equipment is returned via commercial carrier, the service report may be included with the shipment.


Government employees will work on contract equipment only with authorization of the contractor or following the failure of the contractor to respond. The government is not obligated to perform any work on contract equipment.


Potential contractors may, at their own expense, inspect equipment covered by this solicitation (ref 52.237-1 SITE VISIT). Arrangements must be made in advance with Biomedical Engineering (see section 3, above).


The contractor will guarantee workmanship and all parts furnished by the contractor for a period of not less than 90 days.


The C&A requirements do not apply, a Security Accreditation Package is not required


10/01/2018 thru 09/30/2019 - Base Year10/01/2019 thru 09/30/2020 - Option Year One10/01/2020 thru 09/30/2021 - Option Year Two10/01/2021 thru 09/30/2022 - Option Year Three10/01/2022 thru 09/30/2023 Option Year Four PERFORMANCE MONITORING:



Delivery schedule consists of actual preventative maintenance visit and validation.  Scheduling shall be coordinated with the subject matter expert (SME) or through the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).  


Reference paragraph 3. d.PAYMENTS AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES:a. PAYMENTS: Invoices will be paid IN ARREARS on a monthly basis. (If the Contractor prefers quarterly, or semiannually, permission can be granted for other than by a monthly basis by the CO). Contractor will submit invoices via VA s electronic invoice process via Tungsten Network.b. REPORTING REQUIRED FOR SERVICES BEYOND THE CONTRACT SCOPE AND OBLIGATED FUNDING AMOUNT: The Contractor shall immediately, but not later than twenty-four (24) hours after discovery, notify the CO and the COR, IN WRITING of the existenceor the development of any defects in, or repairs required to the schedule of equipment which the Contractor considers not to be responsible for under the termsof the contract. The Contractor shall furnish the CO and COR with a written estimate of the cost to make necessary repairs.c. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: There shall be no additional charge for time spent at the site (during, or after the normal hours of coverage) awaiting the arrival of additional field service engineer (FSE) and/or delivery of parts.

16. SOURCES SOUGHT DETAILSNAICS CODE: 334517 - Irradiation Apparatus ManufacturingSmall Business manufacturers for this NAICS code have a size standard.  The term of the contract is intended to be base contract plus 4 option years.It is anticipated that a Request for Quotes shall be issued in July 2018. Award of contract is contemplated by Oct 2018.This notice is published to conduct market research to determine if there is a sufficient number of certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Businesses (VOSB), Small Businesses (SB), or Large Business capable of performing the requirements to warrant a socio-economic set-aside or full & open competition. It is strongly recommended that interested parties register in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Biz database and theSmall Business Administration (SBA) database. Registration may be accomplishedat http://www.vip.vetbiz.gov/ and www.sba.gov/, respectively.17. INTERESTED PARTIES RESPONDING VIA EMAIL TO THIS SOURCES SOUGHT REQUEST SHALL SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AT A MINIMUM:Company name, address, point of contact, phone number.DUNS number and company social-economic status.Lead time on delivery/ETA/Installation.Can your firm provide all services or just partial? (If partial, which line item?)Intentions of subcontracting program to include set-asides. Yes or No.(5a) If yes to (5), as the prime contractor, your firm shall confirm if it willcomply with15 USC 657s and 13 CFR 125.6 - limitations on subcontracting.Bottom line, your firm shall conduct over 50% of the service performance.If SDVOSB or VOSB, proof of registration in the VA Vet Biz websites or intention of registration prior to submission of offers to a solicitation - http://www.vip.vetbiz.gov/Any other pertinent company documentation or product information.If potential contractors are interested in a site visit, contractor shall confirm interest via RFI response.

The response date to this Sources Sought notice is July 25, 2018 at 12:00 pm EST time.Electronic submissions are preferred via email address of: dena.hallaren@va.gov. This market research is for informational and planning purposes only to determine if a socio-economic set-aside, or full & open competition, or sole-source procurement is appropriate. The Government shall not pay any costs for responsessubmitted.NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE OTHER THAN WHAT IS NOTED HEREIN.ALL FIRMS SHALL NOT TO CALL THE INDIVIDUAL VA MEDICAL CENTERS REQUESTING MORE INFORMATION. DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO POC ONLY.18. IMPORTANT INFORMATION:The Government is not obligated to nor shall it pay for or reimburse any costs associated with responding to these sources sought synopsis request. This notice shall not be construed as a commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract, nor does it restrict the Government to a particular acquisition approach. The Government will in no way be bound to this information if any solicitation is issued. The VA is mandated by Public Law 109-461 to consider a total set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set aside. However, if response by Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business firms proves inadequate, an alternate set-aside or full and open competition may be determined.19. DISCLAIMERThis RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. In accordance with FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/VA/PhVAMC/HMC/36C25818Q9616/listing.html