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Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, 20894

D -- Email marketing Service SOL NIHLM201800047MM-RFI DUE 061118 POC Maryann Meza, Phone 3014517329, Email maryann.meza@nih.govPurpose:
The National Library of Medicine, Division of Library Operations supporting the Public Services Division is seeking information on how an interested contractor could provide an email marketing services to support the consumerhealth resource MedlinePlus.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Library of Medicine (NLM) requires services to assist with the development and support of its consumer health Web site, MedlinePlus.gov and MedlinePlus-branded sites and services. MedlinePlus provides accurate, authoritative and up-to-date curated information to the general public, allied health professionals, and health information intermediaries such as librarians, nurses,and health educators. The focus of this resource is its 1,000+ (and growing) health topic pages that contain links to quality government information, especially NLM and NIH resources, as well as other high-quality information providers. MedlinePlus is a portal to highly selective links and information, representing the best in terms of quality, literacy level, and authority of authorship. MedlinePlus currently serves over 100 million unique visitors every quarter. These visitors view over 260 million Web pages of information a quarter, including the resources available on MedlinePlus topic pages. Users are primarily the general public seeking health information for themselves or friends and family. The majority of users are within the United States, but MedlinePlus also serves an international community with almost every nation represented by our visitors.

In October 1998, NLM launched MedlinePlus with just 22 health topics. NLM released MedlinePlus en español in September of 2002 with 500 health topicslinking to a total of 1,600 Spanish-language pages. The site now includes over 1,000 health topics in English and over 1,000 health topics in Spanish. In addition, the site contains many licensed content resources in both languages, including drug information, monographs about herbs and supplements, tutorials, an encyclopedia and other resources. It also has a Web Service and MedlinePlus Connect,a product that helps electronic health records and health IT systems link to relevant consumer health information from MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus maintains a social media presence with Facebook and Twitter handles in both English and Spanish, as well as a pilot text messaging service. MedlinePlus uses email messages on a regular basis. We have approximately 500,000 subscribers who can select the health topic(s) they wish to follow thereby they can receive information daily provided by our social media and periodically when any new content for specific topic(s) is available. MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en español deliver over 70 million pages to over 24 million users each month and have one of the highest ratings among government Web sites on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

This RFI is not a Request for Proposals (RFP) or an obligation on the part of the Federal Government and the NIH.

The Government does not intend to award a contract based on this RFI or to otherwise pay for the information solicited. All exchanges between the Governmentand outside entities including responses to this RFI, may guide the NIH in drafting future patent legal contracts at an undetermined time. There is no solicitation available at this time; no basis for claims against NIH shall arise as a result of this RFI, responses thereto or the NIH's use of such information as either part of its evaluation process or in developing specifications for any subsequent requirement.

NAICS Code and Size Standard:
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 541870-Advertising Material Distribution Services.
Information Requested:
This RFI seeks to obtain public comments throughout the email marketing community regarding the delivery of their services.

NIH seeks comments on any, or all of, but not limited to the following topics:
The National Library of Medicine is seeking information providing an email marketing service to support the consumer health resource MedlinePlus (www.medlinepus.gov). The company must be able to provide the following deliverables:
Service features:
• Accepts RSS
• Auto-responders
• CAN SPAM compliance
• Contact database
• Event triggered email
• Expert advice in campaign strategy, message creation, newsletter design
• Image library
• Integration with existing social media platforms
• Integration with a text messaging (SMS) marketing provider
• Mailing Frequency limits
• Management of:
o Mailing list
o Newsletters
o Surveys
o Templates
•Multi-variate testing
• Spam check
• Subscribe / Unsubscribe
• Tracking of:
o Bounce rate
o Click-throughs
• Unsubscribe database
• WYSIWYG email edit

Training: The responder will provide training for the National Library of Medicine staff which shall include: webinars, live online training and/or in-person. Training and operational manuals will be supplied to the National Library of Medicine staff.
Support for the National Library of Medicine staff shall include online via chat or text messaging. Email shall also be provided with a onebusiness day turn-around for answering queries.
How to Submit a Response:

Interested parties are encouraged to submit no more than ten (10) questions or comments in response to this RFI, not to exceed three (3) single sided, single spaced pages, with one (1) inch side, top, and bottom margins in Times New Roman Font, Size 12. Brevity and structured format (such as bulleted items) are encouraged whenever applicable to aid in processing.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) requires responses to be submitted via eCPS.:

1) Electronic copy via the NLM electronic Contract Proposal Submission (eCPS) website at https://ecps.nih.gov. All submissions must be submitted by 10:00 AMEastern Time on June 11, 2018.
2) For directions on using eCPS, go to https://ecps.nih.gov/howto and click on "How to Submit."

NOTE: To submit your electronic proposal using eCPS, all offerors must have a valid NIH External Directory Account, which provides authentication and servesas a vehicle for secure transmission of documents and communication with the NLM. The NIH External Directory Account registration process may take up to 24 hours to become active. Submission of proposals by facsimile or e-mail is not accepted.

Responses to this RFI are voluntary. This RFI is for planning purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation for applications or an obligation on the part of the Federal Government, the National Institutes of Health, or individual NIH Institutes or Centers. The Government will not pay for the preparation of any information submitted or for the Government's use of that information.
The information provided will not be considered confidential. The NIH will use the information submitted in response to this RFI at its discretion; the submitted information will be reviewed by the NIH and shared with the NIH Institutes and Centers that have an interest in this matter. No
proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary technical information in any resultant solicitation(s), policies or procedures; responses to the RFI may be reflected in future funding opportunity announcements.

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