FBO Notice Date 04/25/18
BIDS Reference Number 313
Document Type: Sources Sought
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Social Security Administration, Office of Budget, Finance, Quality and Management, Office of Acquisition and Grants, 21235

J -- Install new dock levelers and loading dock safety improvements at Frank Hagel F SOL 28321318RS0000012 DUE 051118CROWLEY, TERRYSolicitation Number: Notice Type:28321318RS0000012 Sources SoughtClassification Code: NAICS Code:J099 811310


The Social Security Administration (SSA) is conducting a market survey/sources sought to help determine the availability and technical capability of qualified small businesses, 8(a) qualified small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, service disabled veteran-owned small businesses and Historically Underutilized Business Zone small businesses capable of providing the requirement below. This announcement isnot a request for proposals, and the Government is not committed to issue a solicitation or award a contract pursuant to this announcement or based on responses to this announcement. Information received from this market research is only for planning purposes, and will assist the Government in its acquisition strategy. As such, the Government will not entertain questions concerning this synopsis, and will not pay any costs incurred in the preparation of information for responding to this market survey or the Government’s use of the information. Proprietary information must be clearly identified as proprietary information. The Government will not provide a debrief on the results of the survey. All information submitted will be held in a confidential manner and will only be used for the purpose intended.1. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS

The Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment, tools, suppliesand materials for the installation and maintenance of three new hydraulic dock levelers and associated safety equipment at the Frank Hagel Federal Building, 1221 Nevin Avenue, Richmond, CA 94801.

Frank Hagel Federal Building is a seven-story office building for the Social Security Administration. The building has a basement warehouse with three loading dock stalls and hydraulic dock levelers. The existing dock levelers are non-functional and must be replaced. The existing dock levelers are 6 feet wide by ten feet long, with an 18-inch lip. The dock leveler pits are 24 inches deep. The dock height varies from approximately 47 inches to 50 inches.

The Contractor shall perform the following work:

1) Install three new hydraulic dock levelers in the existing pits. Each new dock leveler shall have the following specifications:• Must comply with the latest edition of ANSI MH30.1, Performance and Testing Requirements for Dock Leveling Devices.• Minimum 20,000 lbs. dynamic capacity.• Minimum 6 feet width.• Minimum lip length 18 inches.• Must have a constant radius rear hinge or equivalent system to ensure smooth transition.• Deck must be design to flex up to 4 inches to provide a smooth transition onto uneven truck beds.• Fully automatic operation with no manual lifting operation required.• Control stations to the right of each dock leveler. Each control station shall include the dock leveler control panel, a flexible neck dock light to illuminate truck interiors, and a red/green signal light system to alert forklift operators when it is safe to enter the trailer.• Safety bar with lock-out capability to support the deck and lip for maintenance. Must be able to protect workers from a 10,000 lb. forklift driving on thedeck at 3 mph or impacting the side of the leveler, and protect workers from attempts to raise or lower the leveler. Must comply with all OSHA lock-out/tag-outrequirements.• Must use only biodegradable hydraulic fluid.• Minimum ten years manufacturer’s warranty.• Manufactured in the United States.2) Remove the existing pipe rails and chains around the loading dock, cuttingthe pipes off flush with the floor.3) Install new guard barriers at the front edge and west-side edge of the loading dock of sufficient design to meet OSHA fall protection requirements, and toprevent roll-off of a 10,000 lb. forklift traveling at 4 mph. Barriers shall beat least 44 inches high, bright colored for high visibility, and retractable into a steel housing for loading dock access. Barriers on the west side shall be designed to allow access to the west side of the dock with minimum 102 inches clearance for unloading equipment onto the dock.4) Install a new guard barrier at the east side of the loading dock of sufficient design to meet OSHA fall protection requirements, and to prevent roll-off of a 10,000 lb. forklift traveling at 4 mph. Barrier shall be at least 44 inches high and bright colored for high visibility.5) Install a red/green signal light system to alert drivers when it is safe to pull out the truck, and alert forklift operators when it is safe to enter the truck.6) Install new laminated rubber and steel dock bumpers at all three dock stalls in place of the existing bumpers. Bumpers shall be minimum 12 inches wide by 22 inches high, and 4 inches thick. Remove and dispose of the existing bumpers.7) Install a new wheel chock system at each dock stall. The wheel chock system shall have an automatic sensor that detects when the wheel chock is in place, is integrated with the red/green signal light system, and disables the dock leveler when the wheel chock is not in front of the truck wheel.8) Remove the existing dock levelers from the premises and salvage or disposeof them in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.9) Clean and repaint the yellow lower walls of the loading dock area with traffic yellow paint suitable for concrete application.10) Clean, prime and paint the 4-inch steel frames around the dock leveler pits with traffic yellow paint suitable for steel application.11) Provide operation and safety training for facility warehouse and maintenance employees.12) Perform all preventive and corrective maintenance on the installed equipment for the first year after installation, as recommended by the manufacturer andin compliance with ANSI MH30.1, and all applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations. This does not include daily cleaning and operation checks, which will be performed by facility employees.13) Increase the height of the opening between the basement parking area and the loading dock corridor to 96 inches. The current opening is 69 inches wide by 87 inches high, by 10 ½ inches thick.14) Install stainless steel U-channel to encase the sides and top of the opening. Materials and mounting method shall be capable of protecting the concrete from impact by a 10,000 lb. forklift traveling at 4 mph.

All parts and materials must be new; no used, rebuilt and refurbished materialsshall be used. The existing electrical conduits shall be used to the extent possible.

The Contractor is responsible for all design, drawings, any necessary dock repairs and modifications, electrical installations, equipment delivery, waste disposal and all work necessary for installation and maintenance. The Contractor mustverify all measurements relating to the required work prior to submission of its cost proposal to the Contracting Officer.


The Contractor shall submit with its proposal a schedule of parts and materialsto be installed, and safety data sheets for all hazardous materials that will be used.

The Contractor shall submit with its proposal the procedure it will use to ensure that hydraulic fluid and other hazardous materials and debris do not enter the storm drain at the base of the loading dock.

The Contractor shall provide to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), within thirty days of contract award, detailed drawings of the dock equipmentinstallation, manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manuals, and electrical schematics. The COR will review the documents and discuss any required changeswith the Contractor. The final version of the drawings must be approved by the COR before installation begins.

The Contractor shall provide to the COR, within thirty days of contract award, a schedule of installation and preventive maintenance, and the checklists of allpreventive maintenance procedures to be performed.

The Contractor shall provide to the COR a written report within ten days after any preventive or corrective maintenance is performed. The report shall have a detailed list of the work performed and any defects found and recommended corrective actions.


It is the responsibility of the Contractor to determine and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and local ordinances. All required permit fees shall be included in the bid price. All design, installation and service shall comply with ANSI MH30.1, Performance and Testing Requirements for Dock Leveling Devices.


The Contractor is responsible for removal of the old dock levelers, hydraulic fluid, and any debris that results from the performance of the work. The existinglevelers become the property of the Contractor and any salvage value shall be considered in the price proposal. All hazardous waste shall be properly disposed of in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Copies of hazardous wastemanifests shall be provided to the COR within ten days of the disposal date.


The Contractor shall consult with the COR regarding work hours. Normal working hours for the building are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Work may be performed during normal hours. At least one dock stall must remain available for delivery trucks between the hours of 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Work outside of normal working hours must be approved in advance by the COR.


The Contractor shall consult with the COR regarding work locations, lay-down and storage space, building access and parking. On-site parking is available for one work truck at the loading dock. Additional parking may be available, but is not guaranteed, in the designated vendor’s parking area The Contractor agrees to perform services with as little disruption to the building operations as possible.

Hot work (welding, soldering, metal cutting, etc.), concrete cutting, and operations that cause excessive noise, dust or noxious fumes must be approved in advance. The Contractor shall request approval through the COR at least 24 hours prior to performing this work. The Contractor must take precautions to prevent smoke, dust and fumes from entering the building.

7. TRAININGThe Contractor shall provide at least one hour of operation and safety trainingfor facility employees, within fourteen days after the installation is completed. Training shall include the procedures for daily preventive maintenance cleaning and operational checks.


The Contractor shall ensure that the work area is kept clean and free of debristo maintain a safe working environment. The Contractor shall provide temporary barriers, warning cones, signs, etc. as required to protect the building occupants and contents while performing work. Floors, walls and ceilings, and equipmentshall be adequately protected to prevent marring, scratching or other damage. Upon completion of the work, all surfaces involved shall be clean of dirt, smudges and debris. The Contractor shall remove all waste materials from the work sitedaily and dispose as required to maintain a safe working environment.

The Contractor shall ensure that hydraulic fluid and other hazardous materials and debris do not enter the storm drain at the base of the loading dock. The Contractor is responsible for all costs resulting from contamination of the storm drain caused by the Contractor.

The Contractor is responsible for any damage caused by the Contractor to the building and its contents. Such damage shall be repaired or items replaced by the Contractor to the satisfaction of the Government.

All tools, equipment and other materials belonging to the Contractor shall be removed from the work location at the end of each working day. Limited on-site storage space for materials will be provided upon request and coordinated with theCOR. The Government shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of the Contractor’s equipment, tools and materials.


The Contractor shall supply a one year warranty on all parts and workmanship, in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty. The Contractor shall be responsiblefor enforcing all manufacturer’s warranties and submitting warranty claims for the first year after installation is completed.

11. ASBESTOS NOTIFICATIONAsbestos-containing materials (ACM) have been identified in the following locations inside the Frank Hagel Federal Building:

• Hanger and bracket cuffs of various sizes on the piping throughout the building.• Joint compound applied to dry wall/sheet rock seams throughout the building.• Black conduit cap putty is located in conduits throughout the building.• Black floor tile mastic associated with the 12” X 12” cream-color floortiles.

The Contractor is responsible for ensuring that contract employees do not damage or disturb ACM and that all contract employees exercise caution when working near ACM. The Contractor must immediately report damaged ACM to the COR. All contract employees must be trained in Asbestos Awareness. Training records shall be provided to the COR upon request.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 811310 and the size standard is $7.5m.

Interested firms with the capability of providing the requirement, per applicable subcontracting rule limitations (e.g., those in FAR 52.219-3 and 52.219-14), shall submit capability statements that demonstrate their expertise in the above-described areas in sufficient detail, including any other specific and relevantinformation, so the Government can determine the firm’s experience and capability to provide the requirements. Failure to demonstrate the capability of providing the requirement in response to this market survey may affect the Government’s review of the industry’s ability to perform or provide these requirements.

In addition to capability statements, firms must include this information in their responses: (1) organization name, address, email address of a point of contact who can verify the demonstrated capabilities, website address, and telephonenumber; (2) size and type of ownership/or company structure and socioeconomic designation for the organization [i.e. small business, small disadvantaged business, 8(a), etc.]; (3) vendor’s business experience; and (4) state if/if not registered in System for Award Management (SAM).

Vendors must send written responses by May 15, 2018 to Terry Crowley, Contract Specialist at terry.crowley@ssa.gov. NO TELEPHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Contracting Office Address:Richard Bolling Federal Building601 E. 12th Street, 10th Floor, Post B-8Kansas City, MO 64106

Place of Performance:Frank Hagel Federal Building1221 Nevin Ave.,Richmond, CA 94801Primary Point of Contact:Terry CrowleyTerry.crowley@ssa.gov

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/SSA/DCFIAM/OAG/28321318RS0000012/listing.html

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