FBO Notice Date 04/19/18
BIDS Reference Number 330
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Professional, Administrative, And Management Support Services

Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, PK/PZ - Robins AFB, 31098-1611

R -- Enterprise Technical Data Support Services SOL ABSEnterprise_Technical_Data_Support_Services DUE 052118 POC April Nicole Blash-Smith, Contract Specialist, Phone 4789267446, Email april.blash@us.af.mil - Randy W. Miller, Source Development Specialist, Phone 4789265871, Email randy.miller.22@us.af.mil

The Enterprise Technical Data Support Services, TDSS (e) is an Air Force (AF) program to award an enterprise wide Air Force Material Command (AFMC), multiple award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) type contract that will provide streamlined capability to procurequality technical data sustainment services at a reduced cost to the war fighter. The acquisition is projected to be an 8(a) Set Aside effort estimated at approximately $204,000,000 over a 5 year period of performance and will cover multiple AFMC CONUS locations, which are responsible for the acquisition, sustainment and publication of technical data.

The primary objectives of the TDSS (e) programare to enable:

•a. Customers tocontract for technical data support service in a fraction of the time normally required for standard contract actions

•b. Support sustainment requirements for multiple AFMC CONUS location on one multiple award contract.

The projected scope of this contract is to support end-to-end processes required during the sustainment of technical data. For purposes of TDSS (e), technical data includes both technical order/technical manuals and engineering data. The Technical Data Support Services Enterprise (TDSSe) contract will include a full range of processes, but not be limited to, services that support the following categories:

•1. Editorial Sustainment Support:

•1.1. Includes writing, validating, editing, proofreading, scanning, and illustrating technical data for production of paper and electronic media

•1.2. Supports Technical Order (TO) changes, revisions, supplements, and time compliance technical orders (TCTOs)

•1.3. Ensures 100% content accuracy and compliance with technical manual specifications and standards

•1.4. Converts existing Technical Order (TO) data for a weapon system in a prescribed period of time from a page-based to a database retrieval system

•1.5. Provides Quality Assurance (QA) through verificationand validation of converted data

•1.6. Provides Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) functional customer support services for local and field level users

•2. Technical Order Management Support:

•2.1. Processes TO and TCTO recommended changesas identified in AF TO life cycle management TO 00-5-3

•2.2. Performs configuration control of technical data using systems such as Technical Information Management Systems (TMIS), Security Assistance Technical Order Data Systems (SATODS), Comprehensive Integrated Technical Order Management System (CITOMS) and Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS) and/or other systems

•2.3. Supports data calls, contract data requirements list development, conferences, working groups, and seminars; and serves as a point of coordination for the development of schedules for reproduction and delivery of technical data

•3. Technical Content Management Support:

•3.1. Reviews, evaluates, interprets and recommends changes to procedures, specifications, drawings, diagrams, schematics, manuals and related documents

•3.2. Develops and implements corrective actionsafter analyzing technical manual change recommendations, material deficiency reports, failure data, test reports, etc.

•3.3. Supports research and development, environmental and suitability tests, equipment modification proposals, prototyping and kitproofing as required

•4. Technical Data Distribution

•4.1. Performs initial distribution and updates TO distribution systems such as ETIMS,Technical Order Distribute and Print Systems (TODPS), Prime Technical Order Warehouse System (PTOWS) and/or other systems used to distribute TOs to retail customers and field users

•5. Technical Order Library Management

•5.1. Supports set-up and sustainment of TO libraries to include inventories to determine content and accuracy in accordance with TO 00-5-1 and related policies

•5.2. Provides Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) services such as TO accountadministration, TO subscription verification, and eTool sustainment support

•5.3. Utilizes and updates automated TO managementapplications such as ETIMS and/or other systems including Electronic Tools (eTools)

•6. Engineering Data Sustainment

•6.1. Provides data entry, scanning and quality assurance functions for engineering data systems such as Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS) and/or other systems to include data capture, conversion and retrieval

•6.2. Provides drafting, development and modification support for AF sustained baseline engineering drawings

•6.3. Provides engineering data support servicefunctions related to acquisition, sustainment, configuration management, and delivery of engineering data

•7. Technical Data Functional/Customer Support

•7.1. Provides functional system support services (helpdesk, deficiency resolution) for AF data management systems such as, Technical Management Information Systems (TMIS), Enhanced Technical Information Management System (ETIMS), Joint Engineering Data Management and Information Control Systems (JEDMICS) and/or other systems

•7.2. Coordinates TO systems request to validateneed for account and determination of roles and privileges

•7.3. Coordinates with functional users and assists users with scheduling training, processing applications and troubleshooting

•7.4. Provides support with the update and sustainment of TO Lifecycle reports such as, Comprehensive Air Force Technical Order Plan (CAFTOP) and Technical Order Information Sheet (TOIS)

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USAF/AFMC/WRALC/ABSEnterprise_Technical_Data_Support_Services/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Competitive 8(a)