FBO Notice Date 07/18/18
BIDS Reference Number 330
Document Type: Sources Sought

Department of Veterans Affairs, Long Beach VANLO, Department of Veterans Affairs, 90815

71 -- CURTAINS AND TRACKS SOL 36C26218Q9740 DUE 072718LA TRICIA WILLIAMSlatricia.williams2@va.gov


DISCLAIMERThis RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. All information received in response to this RFI that is marked as proprietary will be handled accordingly. IAW FAR 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this RFI.SOURCES SOUGHT DESCRIPTIONThis is NOT a solicitation announcement. This is a source sought/RFI only. The purpose of this source sought/RFI is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification relative to NAICS 337920 (size standard of1000 Employees). Responses to this source sought will be used by the Governmentto make appropriate acquisition decisions. After review of the responses to this source sought, a solicitation announcement may be published. Responses to this source sought synopsis are not considered adequate responses for a solicitation announcement.The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), VISN 22 Network Contracting Office, isseeking sources that can provide curtain and tracks that at a minimum meets thefollowing salient characteristics with brand name for the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System:

Curtains & Tracks:HP00C 1 C type Cubicle Curtain with no mesh (Hook less). Fabric Arc-Com/Med-Arc/Tidal Stripe X/AC-33235X/Sea form #6 42 EA

HP000 2 Wall to Wall Flat or Oval Track 129 EA

H00CD 3 Ceiling Drops 7 EA

BFPRVCFSOWM 4 Wall Mounts 24 EA

5 Installation during normal business hours 1 JB

VA Loma Linda Healthcare SystemB.3 STATEMENT OF WORK

Project Schedule:

Project Coordination Award Meeting: Within 5 business days of award notification.

Site Review: by Manufacturer Dealer-Installer for field measure: Within 5 business days of award notification

Final Installation Drawings: Manufacturer and Furniture Dealer-Installer submittal of Installation Drawings for review and approval: Within 7 business days of receipt of award notification

Manufacturer provided shipping dates: Within 4 business days of selection of all colors, materials and fabrics for products purchased

Installation of product: Coordinated with the COR. TBD.

Installation Inspection: Awarded Vendor shall schedule punch with Interior Designer contact 5 business days prior to installation completion. Installation inspection shall take place no more than 5 business days after installation completion

Acceptance of product and work by VA Interior Designer: Time to be determined. Final acceptance will not occur until all punch items have been corrected.

Product Delivery Location:

Product is to be shipped to the dealer or installers warehouse and delivered tothe work space of the Client Agency s Delivery Address

Prior to providing a submittal an optional site visit shall be conducted. If you wish to participate, Contact the Contracting Officer. Participating vendors will meet in the main lobby of the bldg. the VA will provide information regardingthe paths of travel, size and capacity of the elevator, and size of hoist way opening and loading dock access and rules

Items that require special moving requirements (i.e. door enlargement, freight on top of the elevator, etc.) will be funded and coordinated by user agency

Quote Preparation:

Provide a complete technical submission detailing all the requirements listed in this solicitation packet. All technical submissions must be in the following format and in the following order;

Cover Page:At a minimum, the following information must be included: solicitation number, client/agency name and delivery location, name of company submitting the proposal, date, and a list of the manufacturers used in the proposal. Any additional information may be added at the bidders discretion.

Administrative:Past Performance References including the name of the organization, period of performance, dollar value and contact information for the primary contact person for 3 projects that were completed for similar work within the past 3 years.

Complete List of Items organized by room with item quantities and Warranty Information

Project Delivery and Installation Schedule

Product Details:

Detailed Specifications for each item specified with an attached image

Dimensioned, detailed, drawing of each typical area needed to best depict proposed product(s)

Plan view and isometric view or elevations with legend or keyed notes matching the Complete List of Items


Certificates of ANSI/BIFMA compliance certificates labeled with the product(s) that it applies to


Environmental Testing Certificates labeled with the product(s) that it appliesto.

Warranty:Warranty Certificates labeled with the product(s) that it applies to.


Copy of teaming agreement(s) with any vendors or manufacturers.


Non-Obsolescence policies labeled with the product(s) it applies to.Installation Plans and Sample Submittals:

The Awarded Vendor is required to do the following:

Prepare installation plans based on this solicitation requirement to ensure anyproblems and dimensional conflicts are identified and resolved prior to the start of the installation.

Verify dimensions to ensure that specified product will fit in the space as shown on the plan prior to installation and advising the VA of conditions found which will not allow specified items to fit as shown on the drawings

Any problems, which would impact installation, shall also be reported to the Contracting Officer and resolved prior to start of installation

Provide AutoCAD files of installation plan to the Interior Designer on CD Rom

The Awarded Vendor shall attend meeting(s), as requested, with the VA and othercontractors for coordination purposes.

Permits and Building Access:

The Awarded Vendor shall obtain necessary clearances (including proof of insurance, if required by the COR) or permits for all personnel. User agencies are responsible for coordinating entry and clearances for site access by vendors

Prior to the start of work the Awarded Vendor shall advise the COR of existing damage and conditions which are present on a marked and noted copy of the floor plan or by written memo if it occurs beyond the immediate work site.

Personnel Requirements:

The Awarded Vendor shall furnish all necessary supervision and labor for each day that work is scheduled. The Awarded Vendor shall utilize qualified and experienced personnel. The Awarded Vendor shall coordinate with the COR to determinethe level of background check needed to admit the laborers into the building

The Contractor will be responsible for confining its crew and work to the designated project areas. The Contractor will also be responsible for ensuring that the installation personnel are identifiable

VA representatives may require the Contractor to remove any employees from the job should it be determined that the individual is either unsuitable for security reasons or otherwise unfit to work on VA controlled property


Delivery and installation services include inside product delivery and coordination, unpacking, inspection of product for shipping damage, placement, set-up, assembly and leveling of product in accordance with any recommended manufacturer instructions/guidelines to conform to the requirements and drawings of this RFQ and approved installation drawings provided by the Awarded Vendor. The installation services shall include removal of all product packing materials from the government work space and buildings and shall also include wipe down of handling marks, fingerprints and air borne soil from all furniture surfaces and parts priorto final review of the installed product. The Contractor shall ensure that all products and installation comply with the General Specifications in the Schedulefor 65A11. Medical Equipment & Supplies

Installation Equipment and Materials: The Awarded Vendor shall furnish all necessary material and equipment including padding or other protective material for the interior of the building. The Awarded Vendor shall provide Masonite sheets taped to the carpet in major walking paths and primary entry to the work space tobe installed. All walls, corners and door frames on path of delivery must be protected. All material handling vehicles shall have rubber clad wheels. Forklifts and power walkers can only be powered electrically or by battery and no propane or gas sourced vehicles can be used

Damage Responsibility: The Contractor will be responsible for any damage to thebuilding which occurs during delivery and installation. It is incumbent upon the successful Contractor to identify any existing damage to the building by meansof a Pre-Installation and Delivery Walk-Thru, and daily submissions of checklists to the designated agency representative on site. Proper measures (protective runners, pads, etc.) shall be utilized by the Contractor to protect the building(elevators, walls, floors, etc.). Any damage to walls, corners, doors etc. willbe charged to awarded vendor.Building Utilities: The Contractor s work shall not interrupt building utility services without the prior written approval of the customer and the ConstructionManager. The Contractor shall correct all minor deficiencies and make all minoradjustments as required for life safety within seventy-two (72) hours after completing the installation on each floor. The Contractor shall be responsible for all replacement costs, including communications, shipping, and installation

Cooperation with Other Vendors: The Awarded Vendor is required to cooperate with other vendors who may be performing other services during the installation, such as installations for telephones and cabling which must be run through the systems furniture. The Awarded Vendor shall notify the COR immediately of an unexpected building or construction related conditions or damage found on his product

Waste Disposal: The Contractor shall clean up and dispose of waste materials orrubbish in accordance with this paragraph and all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, standards, codes and laws. The Contractor shall make any necessary arrangements with private parties and with county officials pertaining to locations and regulations of such disposal. Any fees or charges for disposal of materials shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor shall always keep the job site, including staging and storage areas used by the Contractor, free from accumulations of waste material or rubbish. This material shall be removed daily to eliminate the accumulation of debris. Prior to completion ofthe work, the Contractor shall remove from the vicinity of the work all shipping containers, packing, rubbish, unused materials, and other like material, belonging to the Contractor or used under the Contractor s direction

Cleaning: The Contractor shall clean and dust wall and floor surfaces affected by the installation of their product upon completion of installation. Use only approved non toxic cleaners. The Contractor shall prepare the space for occupancyand immediate use

Authorized Changes: The Government is not responsible for payment for any changes during installation that are not in accordance with the approved design. If changes are required, the Contracting Officer for the delivery order must approvea modification prior to the change being implemented

Changes performed by the Contractor, either of his own volition or at the request of an individual other than the CO, including other VA or agency officials, are not authorized and will not be reimbursed.In the event additional parts are required, a modification to the delivery order must be obtained from the CO prior to ordering.

Inspection and Acceptance:

The Awarded Vendor shall notify the VA representative and the client agency contact person at least five days in advance of the time when the installation willbe completed so an inspection may be scheduled

The Awarded Vendor representatives for final inspection and acceptance of the product and related work shall include furniture dealer s account manager, installation team supervisor and one laborer. A list of incomplete or unacceptable items shall by prepared by VA and provided within 24 hours after the inspection

Items listed which are unsafe or unusable, shall be corrected immediate. All other items shall be repaired within (10) ten working days of the inspection. The Awarded Vendor shall notify the VA CO when all items have been delivered, are complete and/or accepted

Final acceptance of the project will be determined by the VA COR

Roles and Responsibilities:

Role and Responsibilities of Government: The Contracting Officer (CO) has overall responsibility for the administration of the delivery order. He/she alone, without delegation is authorized to act on behalf of the Government to amend, modify or deviate from the contract terms, conditions, requirements, etc. Responsibilities may be delegated to other representatives.

The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) responsibilities include:

Determining the adequacy of performance with the terms and conditions of the contract in consultation with tenant agency personnel

Advising the CO of any factors, which may cause delay in performance of the work

Requesting modifications to the contract when required

Recommend approval to Contracting Officer for requests for paymentProvide coordination with the client agency and access and use to the building for the Awarded Vendor.

(1) Please indicates the size status and representations of your business, suchas but not limited to: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Hub zone, Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Large Business, etc.)?(2) Is your company considered small under the NAICS code identified under thisRFI?(3) Are you the manufacturer or distributor of the items being referenced above(or equivalent product/solution)? What is the manufacturing country of origin of these items?(4) If you re a small business and you are an authorized distributor/reseller for the items identified above (or equivalent product/solution), do you alter; assemble; modify; the items requested in any way? If you do, state how and what isaltered; assembled; modified?(5) Does your company have an FSS contract with GSA or the NAC or are you a contract holder with NASA SEWP or any other federal contract? If so, please providethe contract type and number.(6) If you are an FSS GSA/NAC or NASA SEWP contract holder or other federal contract holder, are the referenced items/solutions available on your schedule/contract?(7) Please provide general pricing for your products/solutions for market research purposes.(8) Please submit your capabilities regarding the salient characteristics beingprovided and any information pertaining to equal to items to establish capabilities for planning purposes?*** Submissions addressing Section (8) should show clear, compelling and convincing*** evidence that all equal to items" meet all required salient characteristics.Responses to this notice shall be submitted via email to Latricia.williams2@va.gov. Telephone responses shall not be accepted. Responses must be received no later than Friday, July 27, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. PST. If a solicitation is issued itshall be announced later, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this request for information. Responses to this notice are not a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation.

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