FBO Notice Date 07/16/18
BIDS Reference Number 336
Document Type: Sources Sought
Lease Or Rental Of Facilities

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS), R8 PBS Leasing Division (47PJ99), 80225-0546

X -- Government seeking office, warehouse and wareyard space in Butte, MT SOL 7MT2165 DUE 080118 POC Kristin K Howes, Lease Contracting Officer, Phone 3032417153, Email kristin.howes@gsa.govU.S. GOVERNMENT

General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease the following space:

State: Montana
City: Butte
Delineated Area City limits of Butte, MT
Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 10,500 (Office), 7,700 (Warehouse) 92,000 (Wareyard)

Space Type: Contiguous office, warehouse, and wareyard. All on the same site.
Parking Spaces (Total): Sixty-six (66), ten (10) feetby twenty (20) feet vehicle parking spaces, including twelve (12)
spaces for visitor & handicapped. Accessible parking spaces per local code; three (3) fourteen
(14) foot by forty (40) foot pull-through RV parking spaces.

Full Term: 20 years
Firm Term: 20 years
Option Term: n/a
Additional Requirements: See Agency Specific Requirements

Offered space must meet Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, security, seismic and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease. A fully serviced lease is required. Offered buildings shall not be located adjacent to schools, prisons/jails, or in close proximity to any operation causing excessiveodors or noise. The entire space shall be located on the ground floor and within the same site. A minimum 9' ceiling height is required from finished floor is required throughout the office and a 16' clear height in warehouse space. Offered space shall not be in the 500 year flood plain.

Expressions of Interest Due: 08/01/2018
Market Survey (Estimated): Approximately the end of August

Send Expressions of Interest to:
Name/Title: Kristin Howes/ Lease Contracting Officer
Address: 1 Denver Federal Center Bldg 41
Dock 17A, Room 177
P.O. Box 25546
Denver, CO 80225-0546
Office/Fax: Office: 303-241-7153
Email Address: Kristin.howes@gsa.gov

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/df6879e45f9170205d260dcb23156960