FBO Notice Date 05/21/18
BIDS Reference Number 337
Document Type: Modification
Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, ACC - RSA (W31P4Q) Missile, 35898-5090

66 -- RFP - W31P41-18-R-0093 SOL W31P4Q-18-R-0093SNOTE DUE 062318 POC Joanna M. Jones, Phone (256) 955-5890, Email joanna.m.jones8.civ@mail.mil - Dawn Robinson, Team Lead, Phone 256-955-5884, Email dawn.s.robinson2.civ@mail.mil

Army Contracting Command-Redstone Arsenal (ACC-RSA), on behalf of the Project Director, Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (PD-TMDE) is issuing thissolicitation using full and open procedures IAW FAR Subpart 6.1, which will result in a contract award utilizing negotiated procedures in accordance with (IAW)FAR Part 15.

CONTRACT TYPE: Single Award Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The anticipated period of performance is for (1) one year base period and (4) one year option periods. The contract solicitation/award will include (1) 6 month option IAW clause 52.217-8. The total period of performance shall not exceed 5 years and 6 months (with all options exercised).

CONTRACT TYPE: Single Award Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

SOLICITATION RELEASE: The Government is releasing this requirement via the Government Point of Entry (fedbizopps.com), IAW FAR Subpart 5.2, with an proposaldue date of 23 June 2018. You may submit feedback regarding the RFP and associated attachments via email to the following address: usarmy.redstone.acc.mbx.acc-rsa-w31p4q-18-r-0093msd@mail.mil. Subject line shall read "RFP Industry Feedback". Feedback must be received before close of business (5:00 PM CST), June 16, 2018. The Government may elect to use the feedback to make necessary revisions to the RFP but feedback will not be regarded as Q&As and the Government may or may not provide a response.

Please note during the conduct of this acquisition, the Acquistion Source Selection Interactive Support Tool (ASSIST) will be used by the Government to support the proposal evaluation and source selection process. A separate tool, the ASSIST2Industry, will be used in conjuntion with ASSIST to accomplish all exchanges with Offerors after receipt of proposals pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.306. ASSIST2Industry provides the ability for the Government to issue, and the Offerors to receive and respond to, all Evaluation Notices (ENs) in a secure online environment. See further instructions in Section L - INSTRUCTIONS, CONDITIONS, AND NOTICES TO OFFERORS.

BUY AMERICAN STATUE: Interested Offerors shall comply with the requirement of the Buy American statute IAW FAR 25.101. The Buy American statute restricts the purchase of supplies that are not domestic end products. For manufactured end products, the Buy American statute uses a two-part test to define a domestic endproduct: (1) The article must be manufactured in the United States (2) The costof domestic components must exceed 50 percent of the cost of all the components.

The Maintenance Support Device-Version 4 Rugged (MSD-V4R) program and the Maintenance Support Device-Version 4 Semi-Rugged (MSD-V4S) program has been initiated to produce and field an improved system of at platform test equipment. The MSD-V4R and MSD-V4S Systems, members of the Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE), are the Army's next generation ofstandard general purpose at-platform automatic test equipment. The MSD-V4R (including the Marine Configuration) and MSD-V4S Systems consist of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software and hardware components operating together with system specific software, standard accessories, interconnecting cables, and test adapter modules. These systems shall be used throughout the U. S. Army at all levels of maintenance as the Army's standard at platform tester for a wide variety of complex systems. The MSD-V4R System and MSD-V4S System shall be used to host Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs), specific application software, and to upload/download mission data or software. The MSD-V4R and MSD-V4S Systems are intended to support all Army maintainers including ground, armor, aviation, missile, wheeled vehicle, signal/radio, command and control, and other tactical system maintainers. The MSD-V4R and MSD-V4SSystems shall be configured to support various Army weapon systems and platforms with optional and standard accessories. Companion accessories to the MSD-V4R Kit and MSD-V4S Kit include the Smart Wireless Internal Combustion Engine (SWICE)Test Adapter Set and Wireless At-platform Test Set (WATS), although SWICE and WATS are not produced under the MSD-V4R and MSD-V4S Systems contract. This requirement also includes incidental services such as: engineering, training, course development and MSD fielding services.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/39f6ab8589103afc0b4edce94e6fa487