FBO Notice Date 11/16/17
BIDS Reference Number 355
Document Type: Modification
Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Troop Support - Medical, 19111-5096

65 -- Pediatric_Diapers SOL Pediatric_Diapers_PRESOLMMESO Enterprise Wide Standardization, Email usarmy.detrick.medcom-dmsb.other.mmeso@mail.milThe purpose of this Modification to the Notice of Intent to Establish a QSL is to inform qualified entities interested in providing these services that the release of the QSL FBO has been issued. All solicitation information is available electronically on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

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CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DLA/J3/DSCP-M/Pediatric_Diapers_/listing.html