FBO Notice Date 09/28/17
BIDS Reference Number 369
Document Type: Modification
Information Technology Services, Telecommunications Services

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Chief Management Officer, Procurement Department, 20005-4026

D -- Financial Management Systems Information Technology Support Services (FMS-ITSS) SOL APP_2017-0034PRESOL DUE 101317 POC Dan Swart, Contracting Officer, Phone 20232640007472, Email swart.dan@pbgc.gov - Patrick McFarlane, Contracting Officer, Phone 20232640003334, Email mcfarlane.patrick@pbgc.govAnswers to Questions Received to date:

Is there an incumbent on thiscontract?
No. The anticipated IDIQ is a new effort by PBGC however, current contracts are anticipated to transition into Task Orders under this IDIQ. These contracts include the following:
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., PBGC01-DO-13-0029, 04/13-03/18, $10.2M
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., PBGC01-FA-17-0002, 12/16-12/18, $3.5M
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., PBGC01-FA-15-0005, 02/15-02/20, $3.2M/$6.4M
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., PBGC01-FA-16-0001, 10/15-09/20, $3.2M/$18.0M

Whether companies from Outside the USA can apply for this?
No. Only US-based companies

Whether we need to come over there for meetings?
Currently all work is conducted at the PBGC government site. There is potential for some work to be conducted a contractor sites but it is anticipated that the majority of work will still be conducted from the government site.

Can [the contractor] perform the tasks (related to the RFP) outside the USA?
No. All work must be conducted from within the USA and primarily government site. See response above.

Can we submit proposal via email?
This is not a request for proposals.Any responses, capability statements and/or answers to RFI Questions may be submitted via email. Instructions for responses to the anticipated Request for Proposals have not been developed.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/PBGC/CMO/PD/APP_2017-0034/listing.html