FBO Notice Date 12/13/18
BIDS Reference Number 378
Document Type: Modification
Maintenance, Repair, And Alteration Of Real Property

General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS), R8 Rocky Mtn Region Acquisition Division (47PJ00), 80225-0546

Z -- Region 8 IDIQ JOCC for Utah Statewide and Grand Junction, CO SOL EQ8PSMMU-19-0003PRESOL DUE 121918 POC Dylan T. White, Contracting Officer, Phone 3032361084, Email dylan.white@gsa.gov - Garrett L. Miller, Contracting Specialist, Phone 8012016797, Email garrett.miller@gsa.govGeneral Information: This is a pre-solicitation notice for a job order construction contract (JOCC) awarded as an indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) for small repair and alteration projects under the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) for Federal buildings across the state of Utah andin Grand Junction, Colorado. The General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service, Region 8 (hereinafter also referred to as "Region 8") anticipates release of a request for proposal (RFP) in December 2018 and receipt of proposalsin February 2019. Region 8 anticipates award of one contract as a result of thesolicitation. The awarded contract will include one base year with options for four additional years. Total contract length with base and all options exercisedis five years.

NAICS: The North American Industry Classification System(NAICS) code for this project is 236220, Commercial and Institutional Building Construction, and the size standard is $36.5 million.

Set-Aside: The Government intends to set aside the requirement for small business concerns.

Tentative Schedule: All dates are subject to change and are only given as approximations for the purposes of planning.

Issuance of Solicitation: 12/18/2018
Proposals Due: 02/15/2019
Contract Award Date: 05/01/2019
Start of JOCC IDIQ: 06/01/2019

Funds Availability: Issuance of this pre-solicitation notice does not warrant that funds are presently available for award of a contract. Award of a contract shall be subject to the availability of appropriated funds, and the Government shall incur no obligation under the solicitation and notice in advance of such time as funds are made available for the contracting officer for the purpose of contract award.

Document Availability: The solicitation will be available for electronic download from the Federal Business Opportunities website at https://www.fbo.gov. The download will be available at no charge. The solicitation will be listed under a different identifying number than the one assigned to this pre-solicitation notice.

Geographic Areas: The IDIQ JOCC covers nine offices. These offices regularly acquire construction services for projects that usually do not exceed the SAT, which currently is $250,000. The geographic areas are as follows:

Geographic Area 1:
Forest Service Building (UT0010ZZ)
507 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401-2310

J. Will Robinson Federal Building (UT0014ZZ)
88 West 100 North
Provo, UT 84601-4452

Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse (UT0017ZZ)
350 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2106

U.S. District Courthouse for the District of Utah (UT0018ZZ)
351 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-2106

Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building (UT0032ZZ)
125 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84138-1102

IRS Service Center (UT0036ZZ)
1160 West 1200 South
Ogden, UT 84404-5402

James V. Hansen Federal Building (UT0035ZZ)
325 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401-2310

Geographic Area 2:
St. George Federal Building (UT0042ZZ)
196 E Tabernacle Street
St. George, UT 84770-3467

Wayne N. Aspinall Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse (CO0018ZZ)
400 Rood Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501-2550

Information on Proposal Submission: The Government plansto conduct a competitive negotiated acquisition. The Government will use sourceselection procedures to evaluate proposal packages. Specifically, the Government will use the best value continuum concept. The best value continuum concept evaluates technical factors and price through a tradeoff process and other procedures described in the solicitation.

The Government reserves the right to make awards without discussions. Therefore, offerors should submit proposals that are acceptable without additional explanation or information as the Government may evaluate and make a final decision for award solely on the basis of the initial proposal submitted by offerors. Furthermore, the Government may determine the acceptability of a proposal based on the initial proposal submitted by offerors. Offerors are required to submit atechnical proposal package and a price proposal package.

Technical Package: The evaluation factors that comprise of the technical package are as follows, in no order of particular importance: (1) past performance; (2) management pland; and (3) past experience. The technical factors are significantly more important than price. As proposals become more equal in the technical merits, price becomes more important.

Price Package: The Government will incorporate the RS Means Pricing book into the contract for the cost of task orders. When evaluating price, the Government will require the offeror to submit the following coefficients for evaluations for the base and four, one-year option periods:

Geographic Area 1: This bid factor applies to all proposals for Salt LakeCity, Ogden, and Provo, UT in which work is to be conducted during normal business hours 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).

Geographic Area 1: This bid factor applies to all proposals for Salt LakeCity, Ogden, and Provo, UT in which work is to be conducted after normal business hours 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. (Mountain Time). This also includes holidays and weekend work.

Geographic Area 2: This bid factor applies to all proposals for St. George, UT and Grand Junction, CO in which work is to be conducted during normal business hours 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).

Geographic Area 2: This bid factor applies to all proposals for St.George, UT and Grand Junction, CO in which work is to be conducted after normalbusiness hours 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. (Mountain Time). This also includes holidays and weekend work.

Bonding: Provide a percentage to be applied to contracts in which bonding is required.

Coefficient pricing shall include the following: labor; materials; equipment; subcontractor costs; subcontractor markups; prime/contractor overhead and profit; prime/contractor profit and risk; social security contributions; general insurance; workman compensation insurance; state unemployment insurance; Federal unemployment insurance; mobilization and demobilization costs; site cleanup; labor adjustments between the RS Means labor rates and the Davis/Bacon labor rates;supervision; quality control; lodging and per diem; shipping; transportation ofcontractor's personnel to, from, and within the job site; all Division 1 requirements; submittals; and job order preparation costs.

Please note the following about coefficient pricing: Division 1 - General Requirements section from the RS Means Book will NOT be allowed when pricing task orders. Any consideration for Division 1 - General Requirements shall be in the offeror's Bid Factor

The City Cost Index from the RS Means Book will NOT be applied when pricing task orders. Any adjustment for location has already been included in the offeror's Bid Factor

The unit prices listed in the RS Means Building Construction Cost Data are bare costs. Bare cost equals a factor of 1.000, the same as "NET", all other bidfactors "MINUS" or "PLUS" will be added or subtracted from the bare cost factor. A "MINUS" 4% shall be written 0.96, a "PLUS" 4% shall be written 1.040 and "NET" shall be written 1.000.) The offered bid factors for the base and each option period will be applied to all work items for which a unit price is stated in the Price Schedule that are ordered via task orders in the respective base/option period.

Resulting IDIQ Contracts Awarded: The maximum order limitation for the five year duration is $10,000,000. The awarded contract will contain a guaranteed minimum amount of $2,000. Terms which support the payment of the guaranteed minimum amount will be specified in the solicitation.

Potential Task Order Requirements: A typical task order issued as a result of this contract will be valued at or less than the simplified acquisition threshold. The successful offeror will be required to complete a widerange of construction projects over the life of the contract. Task orders will consist of repair/alteration and tenant finish projects for the GSA and other Government agencies in occupied federally owned or leased buildings. Task orders may contain some or all of the following: modifications to architectural components and related electrical systems associated with, but not limited to ceilings, walls, floors (including access floor systems), roofing systems, millwork and wall covering. Work may also include modifications and replacement of mechanical systems to include, but not be limited to: air handling units, chillers, boilers,ductwork systems and accessories, piping systems (including pumps), HVAC systemcontrols, fire protection sprinkler systems and accessories, and plumbing equipment/accessories. In addition, scope may also include work on electrical systemsincluding, but not limited to lighting systems, primary and secondary power distribution systems and transformers. Special competencies will be required for any work involving membrane roofing, asbestos abatement, PCB removal and/or elevator work.

Pre-Construction Task orders may require Pre-Construction Phase Services andshall include, but are not limited to, review and evaluation of the concept, design development and construction document submission for constructability, value engineering or alternate means and methods recommendations, identification of any problems or errors in the design documentation, consultation during construction document production, preliminary project schedule development, primary costestimates during design development and construction documents, and developmentof subcontractor and supplier interest.

Contract Type: The expected base contract shall be a single-award indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity job order construction contract(IDIQ JOCC). All task orders placed against the IDIQ JOCC shall be firm-fixed price based on the RS Means pricing structure and contractor bid factors. The ordering activity shall specify whether bonds are applicable to the construction activity for each task order.

Estimated Scope of Task Orders: The following is provided for informational purposes only. Contractors should be aware that annual budgetsare highly variable and the actual quantities and value of work changes annually. Data shows that GSA, Region 8 executes about 50 - 60 contract actions annually to perform minor alterations and repairs that fall within the scope of construction services under the IDIQ JOCC. GSA also executes reimbursable work authorizations on behalf of other agencies for tenant improvement projects. Although construction activities take place throughout the year, a large quantity of these projects typically falls between the months of April and September. The expected average dollar value of projects executed under the scope is about $25,000 with a median dollar value of about $12,500. The majority of task orders are expectedto be between $2,000 and $25,000.

Additional Proposal Submission Information: Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) and the System for Award Management (SAM) are available for use by all Federal agencies. You must be registered with SAM before registering with FedBizOpps. No Federal material can be downloaded until you have registered under both sites. The solicitation will be available through the Federal Business Opportunities website (FedBizOpps.gov). FedBizOpps is a secure website designed to safeguard sensitive but unclassified (SBU) acquisition information. You may access FedBizOpps via the following address: www.fedbizopps.gov. You will then be required to register as a vendor by selecting the "register now" hyperlink. At a minimum all vendors must supply the following information: Your Company DUNS Number (contact Dun & Bradstreet at 1-866-705-5711 for a free DUNS Number if you do not have one), Your Company Information and Personal Information. It is the vendor's responsibility to monitor FedBizOpps for any changes and/or conditions. Online Representations and Certification is required in Federal solicitations as part of the bid submission process, thereby eliminating the need to submit a paper copy of Representations and Certifications with each offer. Please enter and maintain your representation and certification information in SAM via the internet at https://www.sam.gov.

Requests for Information: Interested contractors are encouraged to submit any requests for information directly to the Government point ofcontacts shown in this FBO notice. Please be aware that the Government may not respond to requests until release of the RFP. Submitted requests may be taken into consideration by the Government in planning the project requirements, solicitation, and contract documents.

The Contracting Officer for this procurement is Dylan White (dylan.white@gsa.gov). The Contract Specialist for this procurement is Garrett Miller (garrett.miller@gsa.gov).

Additional Information Updated 12/13/2018: The Government plans to include the evaluation of a go-no-go factor as part of the proposal. Thefactor requires interested offerors to provide evidence of a bona fide place ofbusiness within the state of Utah. A bona fide place of business is a location where a participant regularly maintains an office which employees at least one full time individual within the appropriate geographical boundary; it cannot be aconstruction trailer or temporary site. Business activities must be conducted on a daily basis from the location.

Acquisition planning has resulted in a change in the anticipated technical package to remove schedule and only include past performance, management plan, and past experience. Elements of schedule may be evaluated as part of the management plan, but not as a separate factor.

Internal planning has resulted in a slight delay in the anticipated release date of 12/18/2018 for the Request for Proposal. The Government still anticipates release of the solicitation package prior to the end of the calendar year.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/GSA/PBS/8PT/EQ8PSMMU-19-0003/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business