FBO Notice Date 09/20/18
BIDS Reference Number 50
Document Type: Presolicitation
Electrical And Electronic Equipment Components

Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Philadelphia PA, 19111

59 -- AMPLIFIER,RADIO FRE SOL SPRPA118QX593 DUE 110518CARISSA MADDALO, APBA.22, PHONE (215)737-3996, EMAILCARISSA.MADDALO@DLA.MILNSN 7R-5996-011199660-SF, TDP VER 005, QTY 5 EA, DELIVERY FOB ORIGIN. This partrequires engineering source approval by the design control activity in order tomaintain the quality of the part. Existing unique design capability, engineering skills, and manufacturing/repair knowledge by the qualified source(s) require acquisition/repair of the part from the approved source(s). The approved source(s) retain data rights,manufacturing/repair knowledge, or technical data that arenot economically available to the Government, and the data or knowledge is essential to maintaining the quality of the part. An alternate source must qualify in accordance with the design control activity's procedures, as approved by the cognizant Government engineering activity. The qualification procedures must be approved by the Government engineering activity having jurisdiction over the partin the intended application.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVSUP/N00383/SPRPA118QX593/listing.html