FBO Notice Date 11/13/18
BIDS Reference Number 530
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Electric Wire & Power & Distribution Equipment

Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, NSWC Philadelphia Division, 19112-1403

61 -- Lab-Volt Power Electronics Hardware SOL N64498-19-Q-5020 DUE 112318 POC William Henry Morton, Contract Specialist, Phone 2158972350, Email william.h.morton1@navy.milNSWC Philadelphia intends to procure on a, small business set-aside basis, (1) Circuit Breakers and Switches 2, (1) Circuit Breakers and switches 1, (4)Three-phase transmission line, (1) Synchronizing Module 2kW, (1) Three-Phase Rheostat 2kW, (1) Mobile Workstation, (1) Wiring Mod for Squirrel-Cage Motor, (1) DC Voltmeter/ Ammeter, (1) DC motor/Generator, (1) Wiring Module for DC motor/Generator,(1) Field Rheostat 2kW, (1) Automatic DC motor Starter, (4) Resistive Load 2kW,(3) Inductive Load 2kW, (3) Capacitive Load 2kW, (3) Single-Phase Transformer 2kW, (3) Inductive Load, (4) Power Thyristors, 92) Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Choppe, (1) Storage Shelves, (2) Half-Size blank EMS Module, (2) Full-Size Blank EMS Module, (5) Coupler, (1) Four-Quadrant Dynamometer 2kW, (2) Three PhaseSplitter 2kW, (3) Line Inductors 2kW, (3) Filtering Inductors/Capacitors 2kW, and (2) Four Pole Squirrel Cage Motor 0.2kW.

All items must be brand name and no equivalents will be accepted. Please see section C IAW the SOW for details.

All pricing should include the cost of shipping as this order will be FFP utilizing FAR part 12 Simplified Acquisition Procedures. Please include with your Quotation at least one of the following:

-Published Price List
-Past Navy Invoices with the Same or Similar Items
-Past Industry Invoices with the same or Similar Items

All responses are due by Friday November 23, 2018 3:30Pm EST. Late quotes will not be accepted.

All responses/ inquiries must be provided by email to William.h.morton1@navy.mil

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/345b6d27340aac877dd9b50b83377bf8