FBO Notice Date 04/25/18
BIDS Reference Number 538
Document Type: Modification
Maintenance, Repair, And Alteration Of Real Property

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-8 Northern Acquisition Zone - George Washington-Jefferson NF, 24019

Z -- Capon Run Aluminum Box Culvert, Lee RD, George Washington & Jefferson NFs SOL 12339518Q0019PRESOL DUE 050918 POC Sherry D Helmick, Purchasing Agent, Phone 540-265-5112, Fax 540-265-5109, Email shelmick@fs.fed.usAs of 4/25/18 this project is cancelled. The Forest Service may offer this project again at a future date. If it is offered again it will be synopsized with a new solicitation number.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/42f8209cc73240cb8e5b60fd7e7280a2

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business