FBO Notice Date 01/22/18
BIDS Reference Number 571
Document Type: Special Notice
Aircraft Components & Accessories

Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), Commanding Officer, USCG Aviation Logistics Center, 27909-5001

16 -- AIRCRAFT ACCESSORIES AND COMPONENTS SOL 70Z03818QW0000050 DUE 012618 POC Denise M Coley, Phone (252) 335-6562, Fax (252) 334-5427, Email denise.m.coley@uscg.mil - Terence L. Blucker, Phone 252-334-5203, Fax 252-334-5427, Email terence.l.blucker@uscg.milCODE: AMC3
This Special Notice of Intent to Award combined/synopsis constitutes the only solicitation. A written solicitation will not be issued. Solicitation number 70Z03818QW0000050 is issued as a Special Notice of Intent to Award to the vendor AIREPS, INC (1S6Z7). Aircraft OEM is ALENIA AERMACCHI(A1512) FINMECCANICA S.PA. When in receipt of evaluation or baseline price quotes only, the government reserves the right to issue a purchase order based on the government estimate of the commercial buy as applicable based on the government's historical pricing data. Contingent upon availability of funding, using Simplified Acquisition Procedures, the USCG Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) intends to award a purchase order to the fully capable vendor FINMECCANICA S.PA that quotes the overallbest value to the government. With exception of the Aircraft OEM, a capable vendor must be deemed capable by USCG Aviation Logistics Center Medium Range Surveillance Division's Engineering Department (ALC MRS) and therefore must be a FAA Certified Service Facility, and/or an OEM approved distributor facility, be in legal possession of all current OEM Data required to complete the commercial buy, and be able to certify the accessories and parts are for the HC-27J. Vendors whodo not meet the capability requirement will not be considered and should not respond. This solicitation will not be extended or the award delayed for a vendor to submit their quote for capability determination or for registration in WWW.SAM.GOV . If not previously deemed capable by ALC MRS item managers and engineering, vendors who believe they would otherwise qualify based on the aforementioned criteria are encouraged to contact Mr. Thomas Meek at (252) 335-5448 for a capability evaluation and determination toward future awards consideration. The applicable North American Industry Classification Standard Code is 336413. The Coast Guard intends to issue a firm fixed price purchase order to the Aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for spares as follows:

1.BACB30US4K12X 9 ea
2. BACB30US4K14X 9 ea.
3. BACB30US5K21X 9 ea.
4. BACB30US5K22X 9 ea.
5. BACB30US5K12X 9 ea.
6. BACB30US5K14X 9ea.
7. BACB30US4K12Y 9 ea.
8. BACB30US4K14Y 9 ea.
9. BACB30US5K21Y 9 ea.
10. BACB30US5K22Y 9 ea.
11. BACB30US5K12Y 9 ea.
12. BACB30US5K14Y 9 ea.
13. BACB30US5K16X 12 ea.
14. BACB30US5K16Y 12 ea.
15. BACB30US5K17X 12 ea.
16. BACB30US5K17Y 12 ea.

17. BACW10BN41SP 20 100 min.
18. BACW10BN51SP 78 ea.
19. BACW10BN42SP 20 ea.
20. BACW10BN52SP 78 100 min.

C/S Washers
21. BACW10BN51SC 12 100 min
22. BACW10BN52SC 12 100 min

23. LH3393-054 24 ea.

The Coast Guard does not own nor can provide the OEM's Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, or Proprietary Data. The Aircraft OEM is FINMECCANICA S.PA. PIAZZA MONTE GRAPPA 4 ROME ITALY 00195, Cage Code A1512, and their domestic facility is BRUZZONE SHIPPING INC, 224 BUFFALO AVENUE, FREEPORT NY 11520, the cage code is A2142. A standard information packet and sole source justification document(s)as applicable is attached to this Special Notice of Intent to Award. The closing date for this intent to award notice is JAN 26, 2018 at 9:00 am EST. Anticipated award date is on or about JAN 29, 2018, with an anticipated required deliverydate of all items on or before 02/08/2018.

USCG Aviation Logistics Center
MRS Product Line ATTN: Denise Coley
Elizabeth City, NC 27909-5001
Primary POC:
Denise M. Coley
Email: Denise.m.coley@uscg.mil
(252) 335-6562
Secondary POC:
Mr. Terence L. Blucker, KO
(252) 334-5203

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DHS/USCG/USCGARSC/70Z03818QW0000050/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business