FBO Notice Date 01/15/18
BIDS Reference Number 6
Document Type: Sources Sought
Medical Services

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Central Alabama Health Care System (Montgomery), Department of Veterans Affairs Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System, 36083

Q -- Readjustment Counseling Atlanta, GA SOL 36C24718R0192 DUE 012318Valeria Murrayvaleria.murray@va.gov

9Page 1 ofThe Department of Veterans Affairs, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Atlanta, Georgiais seeking sources to provide off-site readjustment counseling services to eligible veterans referred by Vet Center staff members or professional staff membersof Psychiatry, Social Work, Psychology, or Nursing services. Readjustment counseling is counseling by social workers, psychologists, psychiatrist, or other qualified counselors, individually or in groups specifically directed at social, psychological or behavioral difficulties specifically related to the post-war readjustment to civilian life. Such difficulties may interfere with a veteran s job performance, educational pursuits, family and other interpersonal relations, or overall ability to cope with daily life.

Modalities of readjustment counseling include individual and group counseling, all of which must have as their central purpose the post-war readjustment of combat war zone era veterans.

Specific Tasks. The services shall not include general mental health services,but only provide readjustment counseling for psychosocial difficulties related to post-war readjustment from military duty for example:

a. Exposure to combat-related war traumab. Exposure to other aspects of war zone stressc. Post-traumatic stress disorder (as defined by DMS-III-R) and or other war-related social and psychological difficultiesd. Stressor unique to military duty for eligible veteranse. Psychological concern over a possible service-connected conditionf. Substance abuse connected with military duty and or post-war homecoming and readjustmentg. Difficult post-war experiences, including disrupted homecoming and unsuccessful re- entry into civilian rolesh. Concern over possible Agent Orange, biological or chemical agent exposure or ramifications thereofi. Generalized alienation from society manifested by lack of expectable familial, educational and or vocational activitiesj. Psychosocial difficulties related to type of military discharge for other than a dishonorable discharge

The provision of medications and physical examinations are not considered a component of readjustment counseling, and therefore, will not be provided under this contract. Nonetheless contractors shall have the capability through referral to arrange for needed physical examinations, prescription medications and/or medical treatment.

Service providers must be physically located within 50 miles of Griffin, Georgia, Zip Code 30024. The geographical boundaries described here will be determinedby Readjustment Counseling Service officials and local VA Medical Center officials.

The estimated number of sessions by category are as followed:

Individual Therapy 200 sessionsGroup Therapy 900 sessions

The applicable North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) for this procurement is 621330. The size standard is $7.5M.POTENTIAL SOURCES SHALL PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THEIR RESPONSE:Company name, address, phone number, primary contact(s), e-mail address, DUNS number, and business type, e.g. Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, Woman Owned Small Business, etc. as defined by the applicable NAICS.

A statement of capability and relevant documentation demonstrating successful past performance in providing the aforementioned services.Interested parties should send their company s information to Valeria.Murray@va.gov no later than 4:00 PM EDT, January 23, 2018. No phone calls in reference tothis request will be entertained.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/VA/MoVAMC/VACAHCS/36C24718R0192/listing.html