FBO Notice Date 05/21/18
BIDS Reference Number 684
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Research & Development

Other Defense Agencies, Washington Headquarters Services, WHS, Acquisition Directorate, 22350-3400

A -- Contender Vehicle SOL HQ003418R0105 DUE 062018 POC Maurice C Brown, Contracting Officer, Phone 7035451010, Email maurice.c.brown6.civ@mail.mil - Anthony Stephenson, Contract Specialist, Phone 703-545-9002,Email anthony.t.stephenson.civ@mil.comThis solicitation replaces the cancelled solicitation HQ003418R0036

The SCO mission is to identify, analyze, demonstrate and transition disruptive applications of existing systems and near-term emerging technologies to create operational strategic effects. These operational strategic effects include deterrence, power projection, cost imposition, surprise and/or overmatch. The SCOseeks recommendations from industry to provide Design for Manufacturing / Design for Affordability (DFM/DFA) recommendations for the Contender Vehicle (CV) in order to take advantage of the latest innovative technologies in advanced manufacturing and industry design standards to produce a modern, reliable, reasonably priced torpedo that can transition to industry with minimal or no re-design.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/WHS/REF/HQ003418R0105/listing.html