FBO Notice Date 07/25/18
BIDS Reference Number 777
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Professional, Administrative, And Management Support Services

Department of the Air Force, Air Mobility Command, 319 CONF, 58205

R -- Contemporary Chapel Music Director SOL FA465918Q0025 DUE 080818 POC Nicque M. Robinson-Dela Cruz, Contracting Specialist, Phone 7017475682, Email nicque.robinson-dela_cruz@us.af.mil - Irinieta Tabuyaqona, Contract Specialist, Phone 7017473904, Email irinieta.tabuyaqona.1@us.af.milThe Contemporary Praise and Worship Director is to provide a non-personal service to support the 319thAir Base Wing Chapel. Duties will include but not be limited to: recruiting volunteer musicians and vocalists, ensuring volunteers complete a background check if working with youth under 18 years old, conducting musical training, and rehearsing with a Band and Praise Teamcomprised of volunteer musicians and vocalists for the purpose of leading a congregation in current contemporary praise and worship songs.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USAF/AMC/319CONS/FA465918Q0025/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business