FBO Notice Date 07/16/18
BIDS Reference Number 789
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Service Area Organization East, VA Service Area Organization East, 15212-5319

66 -- Automated Animal Bedding Dispenser SOL 36C24E18Q9497 DUE 072318Mr. Robin A. Simmonsrobin.simmons@va.govPage 1 ofPage 1 of 1

Page 1 ofThe Charleston Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina intends to purchase one (1) Automated Animal Bedding Dispenser which automaticallydispenses bedding into animal cages while meeting restricted footprint and utility requirements.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/e62ce84fe31b6bfcf82db463cc340a35