FBO Notice Date 11/20/17
BIDS Reference Number 796
Document Type: Amendment
Prefabricated Structures And Scaffolding

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Fort Worth, 76102-0300

54 -- Orangefield Elementary Temporary Classrooms SOL W9126G18Q0007COMBINE DUE 112217 POC Jesse Onkka, Phone 6512905444, Email Jesse.L.Onkka@usace.army.mil - Robin Green, Email Robin.L.Green@usace.army.milThe project's scope of work is as follows:

The contractor shall provide and install sixteen(16) classrooms, one (1) acting classroom, one (1) office building, and one (1) restroom structure. Units shall be connected to the water/sewer services at the locations indicated on the drawings and make all required connections to the structure(s).

The contractor will tie into the overhead electrical service at the locationspecified and install ground based transformers to power each of the classroom/restroom groups in accordance with local and state codes.

All structures shall be double blocked and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and Federal, State, and local codes. Structures shall be installed at a height so as to clear the existing light pole foundations. Poles may be removed from foundations to ease installation. Raised walkways shall be installed connecting all the structures in each group. The walkway shall have ADA compliant ramps and stairs on side of the group. Raised coveringsshall be installed over all walkways and one covered path shall be installed connecting each group to the main school building.

All of the classrooms and the office building will be purchased. The base lease period for the restroom structure will run for six (6) months from the install deadline (Jan 3 2018 - Jun 02 2018). There are six (6) one (1) month option periods.

The Corps has established a conceptual layout to fit the number of classrooms and restroom facilities required into the areas available. The contractor is allowed to propose an alternative layout to accommodate the schools needs as long as they're able to fit the classroom/restrooms in the area's defined on the drawing. See contract clause 52.212-2 for more information.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA63/W9126G18Q0007/listing.html