FBO Notice Date 10/17/18
BIDS Reference Number 801
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Memphis, 38103-1894

J -- Repair of 4918 DC Motor SOL W912EQ-19-Q-0004 DUE 110218 POC Kirk A. Middleton, Contract Specialist, Phone 9015440786, Email Kirk.A.Middleton@usace.army.mil - Monica Moody, Contracting Officer, Phone 9015440838, Email monica.a.moody@usace.army.milThis is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation;proposals are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Memphis District has a requirement for therepair of 4918 DC Motor. The work consists of furnishing all plant, labor, materials and equipment to repair the 4918 DC Motor in accordance with the Performance Work Statement (PWS).

The solicitation number is W912EQ-19-Q-0004 and is being issued as a Requestfor Quote (RFQ). This procurement is a 100% small business set aside in accordance with FAR Part 19.5 with a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of 811310, and an applicable size standard of $7.5M.

A. The provision at FAR 52.212-1 (Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial) applies to this acquisition. See the addenda below titled, "Instructions to Offerors".
B. The provision at FAR 52.212-2 (Evaluation -- Commercial Items) applies to this procurement.

(a) The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers:

All quotes submitted will be evaluated for (1) Technical Acceptability, (2) Satisfactory Past Performance, and (3) Price. The government will issue award tothe Offeror whose quote is the Lowest Price of those determined to meet at least the minimum requirements to be determined technically acceptable & that demonstrates satisfactory past performance.

It is incumbent upon the offeror to submit sufficient information for the Government to make a determination of your technical acceptability, satisfactory past performance and price. Failure to submit sufficient information for the government to determine your technical acceptability, satisfactorypast performance or price may be cause for rejection of your quote.

(1) Technical Acceptability - to be determined technically acceptably offerors shall submit for evaluation, documentation of their capability to provide the specified services in accordance with the project Scope-of-Work, including but not limited to, the capability to provide the services specified, and in accordance with the specified delivery schedule.

The contractor shall provide sufficient documentation of their technical capability, technical literature, brochures, equipment list, Key Personnel List, orany other information to enable the Government to determine the offeror's capability to perform work.

(2) Satisfactory Past Performance - to demonstrate satisfactory pastperformance the offeror shall provide documentation of satisfactory performanceon past or current contracts of a similar type, size, scope and complexity, as well as, provide references, including names and contact information of references who can verify their past performance. Past performance information of key personnel and crew may be provided if the company has limited or no past performance. In the case of an offeror without a record of relevant past performance or for whom information on past performance is not available, the offeror will be evaluated as neutral on Past Performance, providing the offeror supplies a certified statement with their offer that no past performance information is available.

The Government's approach to evaluating past performance is to check the references provided by the contractor to verify satisfactory past performance as well as data obtained from other sources available i.e. government database, past contract files, etc. The offeror is cautioned that while the Government will consider data from other sources, the burden of demonstrating satisfactory past performance rests with the offeror.

It is incumbent upon the offeror to submit sufficient documentation and information for the Government to determine technical acceptability, satisfactory past performance and proposed price. Failure to submit sufficient information for the government to determine technical acceptability, past performance or price may be cause for rejection of your quote.

(3) Price - Price quotes will be examined to determine the extent to which proposed prices are comparable with the Government estimates, and previous procurement history and a determination made of Price Reasonableness. The Government may reject any quote that is determined to be Not Fair and Reasonable, unrealistically high or low in price when compared to Government estimates, or are unbalanced, such that the quote is deemed to reflect an inherent lack of competence or failure to comprehend the requirements. All quotes will be evaluated and a determination made of lowest price, from prices presented on the Bidding Schedule, based on the Total of all line items.

(b) Options. The Government will evaluate offers for award purposes byadding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement. The Government may determine that an offer is unacceptable if the option prices are significantly unbalanced. Evaluation of options shall not obligate theGovernment to exercise the option(s).

(c) A written notice of award or acceptance of an offer, mailed or otherwisefurnished to the successful offeror within the time for acceptance specified inthe offer, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the offer's specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award.

C. In accordance with FAR 52.212-3 (Offerors Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items) the contractor shall ensure that the contractor has completed the annual representations and certifications on SAM.gov or shall submit a copy of the provision at FAR 52.212-3 with its offer.
D. FAR 52.212-4 (Contract Terms and Conditions -- Commercial Items) applies to this procurement.
E. FAR 52.212-5 (Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutesor Executive Orders -- Commercial Items) applies to this procurement. The additional FAR clauses which are cited in FAR 52.212-5 are listed here:

52.219-6, Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside (Nov 2011);
52.219-28, Post Award Small Business Program Representation (Jul 2013);
52.222-3, Convict Labor (June 2003);
52.222-19, Child Labor - Cooperation with Authorities and Remedies (Feb 2016);
52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Facilitites (Apr 2015);
52.222-26, Equal Opportunity (Apr 2015);
52.222-36, Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities (Jul 2014);
52.222-50,Combatting Trafficking in Persons (Mar 2015);
52.223-18, Encouraging Contractor Policy to Ban Text Messages While Driving (Aug 2011);
52.232-33, Payment by Electronic Fund Transfer-Central Contractor Registration (Oct 2003).

The following additional FAR clauses apply to this procurement:
52.232-40, Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business subcontractors (Dec 2013);
52.232-39, Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations (Jun 2013);
52.247-34, FOB Destination (Nov 1991).

The following DFARS clauses apply to this procurement:
252.203-7000, Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials (Sep 2011);
252.203-7002, Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights;
252.203-7005, Representation Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials (Nov 2011);
252.204-7008, Compliance with Safeguarding Covered Defense Information Controls (Dec 2015);
252.204-7012, Safeguarding of Unclassified Controlled Technical Information (Dec 2015);
252.204-7015, Disclosure of Information toLitigation Support Contractors (Feb 2014);
252.209-7001, Disclosure of Ownership or Control by the Government of a Terrorist Country (Jan 2009);
252.211-7003, Item Unique Identification and Valuation (Mar 2016);
252.225-7000, Buy American-Balance of Payments Program Certificate-Basic (Nov 2014);
252.225-7001, Buy America and Balance of Payments Program-Basic (Nov 2014);
252.225-7002, Qualifying Country Sources as Subcontractors (Dec 2012);
252.225-7048, Export-Controlled Items (Jun 2013);
252.232-7003, Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports (Mar 2008);
252.243-7001, Pricing of Contract Modifications (Dec 1991);
252.244-7000, Subcontracts forCommercial Items (Jun 2013).

Submit quotes by email (preferred) to kirk.a.middleton@usace.army.mil no later than Friday 2 November 2018 at 10:00am CST. Attention should be noted to FAR 52.212-1(f), concerning late submissions. The offeror bears the risk of non-receipt of any email transmissions, and should ensurethat all pages of the quote have been received by the designated office before the deadline indicated. Quotes may also be mailed to:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Room A - 665
167 N. Main St., Blg 202
Memphis, TN 38103

A bid schedule and specifications are located as an attachment to this solicitation that offerors shall complete in entirety to be considered for award. Offerors shall provide the applicable CAGE code and DUNS number with their submission. Quotes shall include the company name, main point of contact, phone number, and email address with their quote.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA66/W912EQ-19-Q-0004/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business