FBO Notice Date 12/14/17
BIDS Reference Number 818
Document Type: Special Notice

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center, Office of Procurement, 23681-0001

99 -- TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Clock Synchronization Techniques for Distributed Systems : LAR-17987-1 SOL TT121217 DUE 121318 POC Jesse C Midgett, Program Specialist, Phone 7578643936, Fax 7578648314, Email j.midgett@nasa.govSynopsis:

NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton,VA solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology. License rights may be issued on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis and may include specific fields of use. NASA provides no funding in conjunction with these potential licenses.


Scientists at NASA Langley Research Center have developed a portfolio of technologies regarding clock synchronization in distributed systems. Distributed synchronous systems that are required to provide globally coordinated operations require each component (node) in the system to be precisely synchronized. Such systems could include electronic components within an aircraft or automobile, or large-scale networks of components that communicate with each other (e.g. multiple aircraft or automobiles). These technologies provide for very quick synchronization while tolerating various faults, provide distributed autonomous synchronization (i.e. no master clock signal required) and do not rely on any assumptions regarding the initial state of the system or internal status of the nodes. NASA is seeking to license these technologies commercially in the United States. US Patents 8,861,552; 8,255,732; 7,792,015.

To express interest in this opportunity, please respond toLARC-DL-technologygateway@mail.nasa.gov with the title of this Technology Transfer Opportunity as listed in this FBO notice and your preferred contact information. Please also provide how you foresee using the technology along with a briefbackground of your company. Additionally, please identify any non-US interests/subsidiaries in your company as well. For more information about licensing otherNASA Langley-developed technologies, please visit the NASA Langley's TechnologyGateway at https://technologygateway.nasa.gov/

These responses are provided to members of NASA Langley's Office of Strategic Analysis and Business Development "OSACB" for the purpose of promoting public awareness of NASA-developed technology products, and conducting preliminary market research to determine public interest in and potential for future licensing opportunities. If direct licensing interest results from this posting, OSACB will follow the required formal licensing process of posting in the Federal Register. No follow-on procurement is expected to result from responses to this Notice.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/NASA/LaRC/OPDC20220/TT121217/listing.html