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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Headquarters, HQ Code 210.H, 20771

A -- NextSTEP-2 Appendix E: Flexible Lunar Explorer (FLEx) Landers SOL NNH16ZCQ001K_FLEx POC Dr. Greg Chavers, NASA HEOMD Advanced Exploration Systems, Phone 202.358-4415, Fax 202.358-4292, Email HQ-NextSTEP-BAA@mail.nasa.gov - Mr. Nantel Suzuki, NASA HEOMD Advanced Exploration Systems, Phone 202.358-1728, Fax 202.358-4292, Email HQ-NextSTEP-BAA@mail.nasa.govNASA intends to release a solicitation under the second Next Space Technologiesfor Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP-2) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) in the near future to seek proposals from industry in support of design analysis, technology maturation, system development and integration, and space flight demonstrations for Flexible Lunar Explorer (FLEX) Landers. The primary objective of this Appendix to the NextSTEP-2 BAA is to enable rapid development and flight demonstrations of medium- to large-scale lunar landers by supporting critical technology advancement and leveraging component- or system-level industry investments. Each flight demonstration will validate lander evolutions of increasing capability and design extensibility to ensure a viable path toward reusable, human-classlunar landers.

An important part of NASA's strategy is to stimulate the U.S. space industrywhile leveraging those same commercial capabilities through partnerships and future contracts to deliver mission capabilities. A key component of the NextSTEP-2 partnership model is that it provides an opportunity for NASA and industry to partner in the development of capabilities that meet NASA human space exploration objectives while also supporting industry commercialization plans for expanding the frontiers of future economic opportunities in space.

This BAA Appendix addresses the development of medium- to large-scale lunar lander capabilities that have extensibility to reusable, human-class landers to a wide range of destinations on the lunar surface. NASA is planning two demonstration missions; one in 2022 and a second in 2024. The objective of these missions is to demonstrate progressive and evolutionary steps toward a reusable, human-class lander, with future missions informed by the outcomes of these initial missions. The first mission will serve as a National Lander Demonstration Mission with NASA serving as the overall system architect and integrator with significant industry participation from multiple sources.

This NextSTEP-2 Appendix E, targeted for release in the early July 2018 timeframe, will include a NASA reference lander configuration to serve as the basis of the Lander for a first flight demonstration by the end of calendar year (CY) 2022. NASA will support critical technology advancement by leveraging industry investments in the design and development of this first medium-size Lander. Contracts awarded under Appendix E will have multiple phases. The first will be for brief studies to refine the reference design lander; these are anticipated to bebrief with succinct products to assist in the development of the lander missionfor flight in 2022. Appendix E will also seek identification of enabling, currently available (or nearly available), critical technologies (such as precision landing) to be integrated into the reference lander design. Following any awards under the initial study phase, NASA anticipates exercising options that will include mission risk reduction, technology maturation activities, system integration and test, and culminating in launch and landing operations.

This NextSTEP Appendix will also include studies to identify technologies that could enable future larger scale landers and for the analysis of future mission design options to be considered for the 2024 and beyond missions. NASA will use the information gained through these initial studies to inform the performance requirements for the 2024 lander and will work with industry to continue to mature the approach for these future missions. Opportunities for industry to further support technology advancement for the 2024 demonstration landing, to includeevolvable propulsion systems and other advanced capabilities, will be identified in a future NextSTEP-2 BAA appendix.

The Point of Contact for technical and programmatic questions on this synopsis is Dr. Greg Chavers, NASA HQ Advanced Exploration Systems Division at HQ-NextSTEP-BAA@mail.nasa.gov.

Submission information, participant eligibility, additional topic information and specific evaluation criteria for the solicitation will be identified in Appendix E when it is released.

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