FBO Notice Date 12/14/17
BIDS Reference Number 844
Document Type: Special Notice
Construction Of Structures And Facilities

Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USACE District, Norfolk, 23510-1096

Y -- Draft Solicitation SOL W91236-18-R-0002 DUE 122917 POC Marc H. Nguyen, Phone 7572017839, Email marc.h.nguyen@usace.army.mil - Jonathan Parrish, Contract Specialist, Phone 757-201-7062, Email jonathan.l.parrish@usace.army.milPURPOSE OF THIS DOCUMENT: DRAFT Solicitation (See attached documents)
In an effort to increase communication with the potential contractors, improve government solicitations and provide a high level of results for Arlington National Cemetery, progress documents are being provided for this project allowing contractors to learn more about the pending project and provide feedback to the Norfolk District. Portions of the designer's progress documents including parts of thedesign analysis, drawings, specifications, proposal requirements and schedule & phasing are provided for consideration. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL AND THE DOCUMENTS PROVIDED ARE NOT COMPLETE AND NOT INTENDED FOR BIDDING PURPOSES. COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS FROM THE CONTRACTORS MAY NOT BE DIRECTLY ANSWERED BUT WILL BE CONSIDERED PRIOR TO REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. CONTRACTORS SHALL RELY ON DOCUMENTS ISSUED AT A LATER TIME FOR CONTRACTUAL PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS.

The design analysis gives an initial understanding of the project by design discipline. The specifications have most of the division 1 specs for general andspecial conditions along with some technical specifications. The drawings give a broad overview of the site, exterior, temporary, demolition, abatement and interior work required. Proposal requirements and selection factors provide an explanation of the non-price information that may be required. The schedule providesmilestones for the construction contract.
Renovation of the late 20th Century Administration Building at Arlington National Cemetery. The work is predominantly interior but will also include some site pavement and utility work as well as temporary facilities to house current staff and activities during construction. The design currently nearing completion addresses the fact that the Administration Building contributes to ANC's National Register Historic District; some features will be repaired to preserve the historic nature of the building.

The Administration Building was designed by the Mills-Petticord Partnership,and completed in 1976. It is approximately 10,455 square feet/floor, two stories and the roof is approximately 11,236sf. Nestled on grass-covered grounds, a tree-lined lot separates the Administration Building at Arlington National Cemetery from pedestrian paths, parking lots and the remainder of the cemetery. The building houses family rooms, the executive staff, honor guards, chaplains, and operations offices. The building is essential to the interment process at the cemetery. Many funeral participants meet in one of the family rooms or the lobby. Theproject including temporary facility must address this service to our military in a respectful manner in terms of design, construction, and operation.

The Government is interested in feedback regarding the planned solicitation and execution of this project. Descriptive responses rather than yes or no is welcome. Areas of interest are-
1. Does industry understand the priorities for professional and cooperative teaming with USACEand ANC for the execution of the project?
2. Is the project phasing and schedule reasonable considering details of this project and potential time of yearfor milestones?
3. A temporary facility is critical to the cemetery function during construction. Housing senior officials, staff, and family activities is very sensitive. Are there alternative suggestions for assuring expectations ofANC are met?
4. Specification Section 01 30 00.10 50, paragraph 1.7.3.defines work schedule. Normal work hours are 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Funerals take place between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. Requirements regarding noisy activities says "All construction or demolition activities performed by the Contractor that are "noise-producing" activities shall be coordinated with the Contracting Officer and ANC prior to execution. Some "noise-producing" will require after hours execution and shall be scheduled accordingly." Is this information adequate to assure coordination between the Contractor andGovernment without excessive delays or cost? Does the schedule adequately allowfor these requirements?
5. Do the attached drawings, specifications and narratives provide a high level of confidence in what Contractor staffing and subcontractors will be required to execute the project?
6. Are the Quality Control staffing requirements in Specification Section 01 45 01 appropriate for this project? Should any duties be combined for a single person?
7. Are the requirements of cleaning specifications 04 03 10 or 05 01 71 overly restrictive? Recommendations?
8. Are proposal requirements and factors reasonable and appropriate for this project?
9. Are there any high risks in the project requirements?
10. Is the Government doing anything in the solicitation that is over burdening the contractor in providing a reasonable proposal, price, and execution of the contract?
11. Other comments?
12. Is this type of industry communication of value to Contractors?

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/USA/COE/DACA65/W91236-18-R-0002/listing.html

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