FBO Notice Date 12/14/17
BIDS Reference Number 883
Document Type: Amendment
Containers, Packaging, & Packing Supplies

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-2 White River National Forest, 81601

81 -- Storage Pods or Containers SOL 1282D7S18889801COMBINE DUE 123017 POC Robert E. Hall, Contracting Officer, Phone 9709453217, Email rehall@fs.fed.us

The White River National Forest - Dillon RangerDistrict requires conex style shipping contaner storage units as described below. We have been renting four units from Mobile Mini for several years but due to circumstances have decided to purchase units instead.

- 2 each 40 foot x 8 foot conex style storagecontainers with doors on both ends
- 2 each 25 foot x 10 foot conex style storage containers with doors on both ends
- Lockable and Highly Secure - must not be able to simply cut lock with bolt cutters
- Can be used or refurbished, but must be in excellent working condition without contamination, holes,rust, etc
- Prices to include all labor, transportation, delivery and set-up. We do not have the ability to unload these. You must provide that.
- Have had several questions about ofering smaller sizes, but the sizes given above are mandatory. Units are used for workshops which preclude thestandard 8' wide containers.

Contract Requirements:
- Commercial Items - FAR Part 12
- Simplified Acquistion - FAR Part 13
- Active Registration - www.sam.gov
- Invoicing and Payment - www.ipp.gov

Response Requirements:
- Fill out your prices on the SF-18, sign and return via email to no later than the closing date. Be sure to include a full description, location and photos of your offer and your DUNS number

Evaluation Factors:
An award will be made tothe lowest price technically acceptable offer most advantageous to the government.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/notices/dfc862ade3570cf7607524330977f0f8