FBO Notice Date 03/20/18
BIDS Reference Number 907
Document Type: Award Notice
Professional, Administrative, And Management Support Services

Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Acquisition Management (OAM), EPA/Headquarters (HPOD & SRRPOD), 20460

R -- Requisition for Building Block Sustainable Communi SOL POC Westry, Keith AWARD NUMBER: EP-18-H-000074 AMOUNT: $89,949.99 AWARD DATE: 032018Scott, Elaine M. AWARD NUMBER: EP-18-W-000008 AMOUNT: $14,825.00 AWARD DATE: 032018Patrick T. Dermidoff, Phone 571-345-0589, Email dermidoffpt@state.gov AWARD NUMBER: 19AQMM18P0549 AMOUNT: $40,500.00 AWARD DATE: 032018Julie Dasher Rugs, LLC, 11312 US Highway 15 501 North, Chapel Hill, NC, NC 27517 US

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/State/A-LM-AQM/A-LM-AQM/103018BMD41/listing.html