FBO Notice Date 09/17/18
BIDS Reference Number 913
Document Type: Award Notice
Transportation, Travel, & Relocation Services

Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Black Hills Health Care System, Department of Veterans Affairs Black Hills Health Care System, 57741

V -- VA263-17-D-0118, VA263-17-J-1546, Wheelchair Van Services, MPLS - Transcare LLC, 618-C80030 SOL NA POC Shane Gallesshane.galles@va.gov AWARD NUMBER: VA263-17-D-0118 VA263-17-J-1546 P00001 AMOUNT: $300,000.00 AWARD DATE: 092118CARLA G. MARIACONTRACTING OFFICER

AWARD NUMBER: 36C24518D0159 AMOUNT: $4,101,783.00 AWARD DATE: 090518Mr. Rey F. ClementeDepartment of Veterans AffairsVA Caribbean Healthcare SystemVA Administrative Building Suite #4M440#10 Calle CasiaSan Juan, PR 00921-3201

AWARD NUMBER: 36C24818C0230 AMOUNT: $486,268.15 AWARD DATE: 091718CLIN 0001 and CLIN 0002.Charles HamptonContractig Officer314-894-6656 x65101Charles.Hampton2@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36C77618P0123 AMOUNT: $25,726.19 AWARD DATE: 092118CLIN 0001Isabell Coad224-610-3646isabell.coad@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36C25218P5649 AMOUNT: $41,000.00 AWARD DATE: 0914181FSS Service Help Desk708-786-7737

AWARD NUMBER: 36F79718D0578 AMOUNT: $6,000,000.00 AWARD DATE: 091418FSS Service Help Desk708-786-7737helpdesk.ammhinfss@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36F79718D0541 AMOUNT: $18,310,440.00 AWARD DATE: 0917184FSS Service Help Desk708-786-7737helpdesk.ammhinfss@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36F79718D0582 AMOUNT: $0.00 AWARD DATE: 09131833Kellyann Brunokellyann.bruno@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36C78618C0202 AMOUNT: $1,648,666.27 AWARD DATE: 091018Joseph MendozaContracting Officer510-637-6287


AWARD NUMBER: 36C78618P0902 AMOUNT: $22,920.00 AWARD DATE: 091718Jessica Hansroth

AWARD NUMBER: 36C77018P1792 AMOUNT: $644,400.00 AWARD DATE: 091718Jessica Hansroth

AWARD NUMBER: 36C77018P1793 AMOUNT: $65,376.00 AWARD DATE: 091718Brian Wernerbrian.werner1@va.gov AWARD NUMBER: 36C24819P0003 AMOUNT: $37,140.00 AWARD DATE: 100118CLIN0001 - CLIN0005Scott Brickey352-381-5723

AWARD NUMBER: 36C24818P7097 AMOUNT: $3,019,793.41 AWARD DATE: 091718ALLWilliam D HenkelContract Specialist(216) 447-8300 X3846

AWARD NUMBER: 36C77618N0033 AMOUNT: $518,168.00 AWARD DATE: 091718bai.perney@va.gov

AWARD NUMBER: 36C25918D0260 AMOUNT: $418,091.52 AWARD DATE: 091418Josue MoralesContract Specialist5129814432

AWARD NUMBER: NNG15SD22B 36C10A18F0606 AMOUNT: $571,393.15 AWARD DATE: 091418Lawan D. Ferguson, Contract Specialist, Phone 7035451252, Email lawan.d.ferguson.civ@mail.mil AWARD NUMBER: HQ003417D0006-HQ003418F0506 AMOUNT: $6,395,350.00 AWARD DATE: 091418MC DEAN INC.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/ODA/WHS/REF/Awards/HQ003417D0006-HQ003418F0506.html