FBO Notice Date 09/20/18
BIDS Reference Number 928
Document Type: Combined Synopsis
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps, MCB Camp Lejeune - RCO, 28547-8368

J -- Solicitation-AV and VTC Maintenance SOL M6700118Q1278 DUE 092418 POC Chris Rabassi, Contract Specialist, Phone 9104511591, Email chris.rabassi@usmc.mil - Laurie Lenser, Contracting Officer, Phone 910-451-1467, Fax 910-451-2331, Email Laurie.lenser@usmc.mil

20 September 2018: This solicitation was originally posted in NASA SEWP. If your company provided a quote as a result of the posting in NASA SEWP, please forward the quote to chris.rabassi@usmc.mil, and laurie.lenser@usmc.mil.

Response date/time for all quotes is 24 September 2018/12:00 PM (EST).

Please ensure you carefully review the solicitation and all amendments (there are two).
Only provide quotes on line items that have a quantity. The original solicitation had option years. The Government no longer requires options years, which is the reason for only quoting on items that have a quantity.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/USMC/M67001/M6700118Q1278/listing.html

SET-ASIDE: Total Small Business