FBO Notice Date 12/14/17
BIDS Reference Number 939
Document Type: Amendment
Lease Or Rental Of Equipment

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, MICC, MICC - Joint Base Lewis-McChord, 98433-9500

W -- Heavy Forklift and Transportation Support Services SOL W911S8-18-T-0003COMBINE DUE 121917Jerry Owen Andes , Phone 2532097754, Email jerry.o.andes.mil@mail.mil - Humphrey W. Mararo, Phone 2539663513, Email humphrey.w.mararo.mil@mail.milSCOPE OF WORK. Bayonet Focus is an annual training exercise for various BrigadeCombat Teams stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord,WA. In order to facilitate the set-up, execution, and tear down efforts in support of Bayonet Focus, GeneralMaterial Handling Equipment and Bulk Transportation Services is essential element of the overall logistic concept of support. The three focus areas of MHE/Transportation support include the use of the following: one (1) All-Terrain Forklift with Operator capable of loading and unloading 20' shipping containers, weighing approximately 26,000 lbs each from & onto a tractor-trailer type line haul asset, one (1) All-Terrain Line Haul Truck with Operator, capable of self-loading/self-unloading & transporting 20' shipping containers with an approximate weight of 26,000 lbs each from the equipment receiving yard (Building 3212, Fort Liggett, southeast of the Range Control building) to the locations specified in Attachment A. Additionally, this truck will be expected to be capable of towing a heavy industrial trailers to the locations in Attachment A (see Attachment B - Trailer Pictures). A Bulk Fuel Haul Truck with Operator is required to transport fuel from the Fort Hunter-Liggitt Fuel Depot to the Antennae locations specified in Attachment A at a consumable usage rate of 1000 gallons of JP-8 Fuel daily. In the past, these tasks were completed by military assets such as a 36,000lbs capacity forklift, Pallet Loading System (PLS) with Container Handling Unit(CHU), but due to equipment shipping schedule conflicts with mission requirements, the military MHE and Transportation assets from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA, will not be available to facilitate the set- up and tear down phases of the Bayonet Focus training exercise. Therefore these tasks must be completed using contracted commercial resources. All Performance under the resulting purchase orderwill occur at Fort Hunter- Liggett & Camp Roberts, CA from 05 January - 02 March 2018. The exact dates of performance for each piece of equipment listed above will be explained in detail within Section 4 for this PWS. The Contractor shall furnish all necessary personnel, equipment (includes assets to move the forklift further distances than it is typically driven), materials and supplies, fuel, transportation, background investigation verification, and other item s or services necessary to perform the work described in this Performance Work Statement (PWS).

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