FBO Notice Date 03/15/18
BIDS Reference Number 94
Document Type: Presolicitation
General Purpose Information Technology Equipment

Department of the Interior, U. S. Geological Survey, USGS - All Offices, 20192

70 -- DOB018 ENVI/IDL LICENSES (77) SOL 140G0118Q0152 DUE 032018Hieb, CarolynSPECIAL NOTICE INTENT TO AWARD: THIS NOTICE IS TO DIRECT ALL INTERESTED VENDORS TO RFQ 140G0118Q0152. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU COULD FULFILL THIS REQUIREMENT AND HAVE A VALID DUN AND BRADSTREET NUMBER AND ARE REGISTERED AT SAM.GOV, PLEASE EMAIL THE PURCHASING AGENT AT CHIEB@USGS.GOV. The US Geological Survey (USGS)/EarthResources Observations Systems (EROS) HAS A REQUIREMENT FOR ENVI SITE LICENSE 2018 RENEWAL, UPDATES AND SUPPORT FOR EXISTING SITE LICENSE FOR USGS/EROS, 27914 252ND ST. SIOUX FALLS, SD 57198. The USGS is aware of no other source that can provide this Service. Therefore, it intends to make an Firm Fixed Price Open Market Award to The Harris Corporation/Exelis. If the USGS/EROS is contacted by anyvendor who believes they have similar technical expertise and can provide the same service. Vendors are invited to contact the Purchasing Agent, Carolyn Hieb,chieb@usgs.gov,no later than 12:00 PM EST, Tuesday, March 20, 2018 with an affirmative answer.

Excerpt from Justification for Sole Source: This justification is for the purchase of continued annual maintenance and support of ENVI/IDL software licenses in use by multiple projects centerwide at USGS/EROS.

The USGS/EROS has a requirement for continued maintenance and support of the ENVI/IDL software. Software is needed for gathering information from ad-hoc data visualization and data analysis, along with reading, extracting, processing, analyzing, and sharing information from geospatial imagery.

3. Description of Need.

ENVI/IDL software maintenance and support from Exelis, Inc., which provides access to software upgrades as well as technical phone support and debugging, is required for the following Site License.

USGS/EROS has used ENVI¿s advanced Image processing and Geospatial analysis software for approximately 13 years to perform image processing, manipulation and analysis across multiple data formats. ENVI supports multiple projects and missions across USGS/EROS ¿ and has Science, Research and Operational capabilities.This software package operates in multiple realms from data validation and scientific research to generating imagery for communications and outreach and providing data processing continuity with all USGS and Scientific entities.

Exelis is the sole provider of authorized software support and maintenance for the ENVI/IDL software suite and does not authorize resellers of their ENVI/IDL software licenses, or maintenance and support. The annual support required by USGS/EROS includes timely resolution of security, performance, and stability issues, which require the support provider to have access to proprietary ENVI/IDL source code. The continued use of this Software is paramount to ongoing mission requirements.

Creating the same processes we have already developed in ENVI, in a different software package, would require significant time and labor costs and would result in unavoidable disruption to services provided to reimbursable customers. Production would have to be stopped while we developed and redeployed processes in a new software system.

ENVI has several unique features meeting the Government¿s minimum needs:¿ Working with multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux. This is important to some projects, particularly those that use ENVIin production environments as these environments typically run mixed OS¿s.¿ ENVI is a commercial customizable software and now includes a number of functions that were built into ENVI specifically to meet the Government¿s needs.¿ Because ENVI is one of the original image processing packages, has been around for many years and has worked with numerous organizations, it is broadly backwards compatible. This has been critically important to some USGS/EROS projects such as the Long Term Archive (LTA). Part of their mission is to find, process and archive older data. Providing access and processing ability to this older data increases the temporal data coverage needed by scientists to analyze longterm changes. This ability to process these older multi-format types of data using ENVI has saved much labor and processing time for LTA.The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) considers employee signatures to be Personal Protected Information, and therefore all employee signatures have been redacted.By posting this document, the Contracting Officer attests all appropriate signatures have been obtained.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DOI/USGS/USGS/140G0118Q0152/listing.html