FBO Notice Date 05/21/18
BIDS Reference Number 97
Document Type: Presolicitation
Maintenance, Repair & Rebuilding Of Equipment

Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support Philadelphia PA, 19111

J -- Presolicitation Notice SOL N0038318R006D DUE 060518Tahseen Firoz 215-697-2849This is a synopsis of an intended Repair Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with Raytheon Company (072E5) and serves as the pre-solicitation synopsis notice for all repair orders issued by the NAVSUP WSS for the period a five year period estimated from July 18, 2018 to July 18, 2023 for the evaluation and repair of various repair components of the Navy Weapons System manufactured and repair. This intended BOA covers the repair of ALRE Support Equipment, AV-8B Aircraft, F/A-18 Aircraft, Common Avionics, EA-6B Aircraft, E2/C2 Aircraft, EP-3E Aircraft, and theV-22 Aircraft. The items are specified within the attached document.

Twenty Five (25) of the items under this acquisition are subject to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and the remaining balance is subject to the Buy American Act(BAA), which requires delivery of end products of specified countries or as otherwise consistent with the governing statute and implementing regulations. The applicable BAA and TAA clauses and certificates will be included in the solicitation and contract. Other potentially applicable clauses and certificates, for example those governing specialty metals, commercial derivative military articles, and the prohibition against acquiring munitions list items from CommunistChina military companies, will also be included. No other restrictions (for example, those for clothing, roller bearings, etc.) have been identified as applying to the 90 items.

Orders issued under the Basic Ordering Agreement and pursuant to this synopsis will be issued pursuant to 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1). The items contemplated for procurement of repair require Government source approval prior to contract award, asthe item is flight critical and/or the technical data available has not been determined adequate to support acquisition via full and open competition. Only the source previously approved by the government for repair of these items will be solicited. The time required for approval of a new source is normally such that award cannot be delayed pending approval of a new source. If you are not an approved source you must submit the information detailed in the NAVSUP WSS(Philadelphia) Source Approval Information Brochure for Repair. This brochure identifies technical data required to be submitted based on your company’s experience in production of the same or similar item, or if this is an item you havenever made. This brochure can be obtained by calling NAVSUP WSS at (215) 697- 4243 or is available on-line at:


If your request for source approval is currently being evaluated at the NAVSUP WSS, submit a copy of the cover letter, which forwarded your request for source approval, with your offer. Offers received failing to provide all data required by the Source Approval Brochure or document previous submission of all data required by the Source Approval Brochure will not be considered for award under this solicitation. Please note, if evaluation of a source approval request submitted hereunder cannot be processed in time and/or approval requirements preclude the ability to obtain subject items in time to meet government requirements, award of the subject requirement may continue based on Fleet support needs.

CITE: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DON/NAVSUP/N00383/N0038318R006D/listing.html