1. Parties
             The parties to this agreement are  Business Information &
             Development Services, Inc. (BIDS) and the subscriber identified
             on page one of this agreement (subscriber).
    2. Scope of Services
             Services covered under this agreement include: a) One (1) initial
             consultation with a BIDS consultant to assist in the development
             of a search profile. b) A daily search of the database(s) selected
             by the subscriber as indicated on page one of this agreement, for
             items matching those appearing in the subscriber's search profile.
             c) Notification of search results by the method and frequency
             selected by subscriber on page one of this agreement.
    3. Subscriber Rates
             a) Current BIDS subscription rates are set forth on page one of
             this agreement. b) BIDS may change or modify the established rates
             and current charges for this and other BIDS services upon thirty
             (30) days written notice to subscriber. c) Prior to the use or
             purchase of each service or product available through BIDS,
             subscriber shall have the responsibility to determine and agree
             to the cost of each service or product.
    4. Term of Agreement
             This agreement shall commence on the date indicated on page one
             of this agreement, and these terms and conditions shall continue
             in force for a period of one (1) year.  After said term, this
             agreement shall automatically renew itself for another like term
             unless written notice is given to BIDS thirty (30) days in advance
             of the anniversary date; or as terminated as provided for in
             section 9 below.
    5.  Notices and Payments
             All notices and payments from subscriber to BIDS shall be sent to
             BIDS at 430 Getzville Road, Amherst, NY  14226 All
             notices and invoices from BIDS to subscriber shall be sent to
             subscriber at the address provided on page one of this agreement.
    6. Copyrights; Rights in Publication
             Subscriber hereby expressly acknowledges that the contents of all
             or part of BIDS transmissions are or may be copyrighted by BIDS
             and/or by the publishers of the publications or databases being
             used by BIDS; and that BIDS or said publishers do not convey, nor
             does the subscriber obtain any right, title, or interest in any
             information transmitted by BIDS, nor in the contents of any
             publication or database available via BIDS.  Subscriber expressly
             agrees that any such information, or the contents of any such
             information or database may not be republished, in whole or in
             part, and may be used only in the regular course of the
             subscriber's business.  Subscriber is prohibited from reproducing,
             causing to be reproduced, or helping any other person to reproduce
             any such information or database.  Any damages for which
             subscriber may be liable as a result of subscriber's breach or the
             undertakings and understandings of this section shall be in
             addition to, and not in lieu of, any damages for copyright
             infringement.  Not withstanding any other provision hereof
             regarding termination of this agreement, BIDS may at any time, and
             without prior notice, discontinue service to the subscriber if
             BIDS has reason to believe that the undertakings and
             understandings of this section have been violated by the
             subscriber.    7. Limits of Liability
             a) BIDS shall not be liable, or deemed to be in default of this
             agreement for any delay or failure in performance or non-
             performance of any aspect of this subscriber agreement or
             interruption of service resulting directly or indirectly from acts
             of God, acts of public enemy, war, accidents, fire, electrical
             failures, machine failures or unavailability, postal delays,
             explosions, earthquakes, floods, the elements, strikes, lockouts,
             labor disputes, governmental orders or regulations, shortages of
             suitable parts, materials, labor or transportation, or any cause
             beyond the reasonable control of BIDS. b) BIDS shall not be liable
             or responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damage, or
             expense of any kind or nature, including attorneys fees, for any
             interruption or service or loss of use thereof, for any loss of
             business to the subscriber, or for any other loss from a cause or
             causes within or beyond the control of BIDS in connection with
             such services, caused by, resulting from, or in any way related,
             directly or indirectly, to the furnishing of the services provided
             for under this agreement, including, but not limited to errors,
             omissions, or inaccuracies in the text of any publication or
             database, and errors which are caused by, or result from defects
             in or failure of BIDS controlled machines, magnetic tapes magnetic
             discs, printed output, BIDS' operators programmers, or programs.
             c) In particular, since BIDS only provides its subscribers with
             information which is originated by independent publishers and/or
             providers of said information and which information is not
             modified by BIDS, BIDS can not and does not warrant the accuracy
             of any of the information as originated by said independent
             publishers and/or providers, and BIDS shall not be liable in any
             manner whatsoever for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies
             relating hereto. d) If for any reason, by operation of law or
             otherwise, any part of the foregoing limitation shall be voided,
             then in such event the maximum, sole, and exclusive liability of
             BIDS, if any, shall be limited to correcting deficiencies or to
             cancelling, crediting, or refunding all appropriate charges with
             respect to such failed performance, for a period of time
             commencing upon the occurrence of such error, defect, or failure,
             and ceasing upon the discovery of such, in whole or in part,
             provided however, that in no event shall such a period of time
             exceed a ninety (90) day period immediately preceding the date
             which such error, defect, or failure is discovered either in whole
             or in part. e) Except as provided for above, BIDS shall not be
             liable for lost profits or for damages of any kind or nature,
             including, but not limited to, direct, incidental, or
             consequential or punitive damages.

    8. Warrants
             BIDS makes no warranty, expressed or implied, that the information
             supplied by BIDS is suitable for any particular purpose, or that
             it is correct or up-to date.

    9. Termination
             a) during the original term, or any subsequent term, subscriber
             may cancel as of the effective date of any rate increase by
             written notice to BIDS given fifteen (15) days in advance of said

             b) Subscriber may terminate this agreement at any time after one 
             (1) year upon thirty (30) days written notice to BIDS. BIDS may
             terminate this agreement for non-payment of charges or other
             substantial cause upon ten (10) days written notice to subscriber;
             or without cause upon thirty (30) days written notice to
             subscriber. c) The restrictions on the use of information and
             transmissions from BIDS shall continue notwithstanding the
             termination of this agreement.

   10. Assignment
             Neither this agreement, nor any of the rights or obligations under
             this agreement may be assigned or otherwise transferred by the
             subscriber without prior written consent of BIDS.
   11. Law
             This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York.
SUBAGR03 REV 11/94                                                        Page 2

Copyright (C) 1996 Business Information & Development Services, Inc. All rights reserved.